Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I snagged three and two more yogurts for lunch/dinner.

Today is my day off. In case you are wondering that pretty much translates to boredem. I'd actually probably rather be at work earning a little dough truthfully. At any rate though, I'm not and so I'm forced to entertain myself in the best ways I know how. I got up fairly early even though I didn't have anything to do this morning. I wanted to make sure and get to the continental at a reasonable hour so that there would still be some good for for the snatching. I ended up having a biscuit and four donoughts for breakfast. Yes, I know, not eactly diet worthy. Whatever. They did get a new stock of bananas this morning. They were pretty pitiful looking yesterday and I was all ready to complain this morning but they had a bunch of new, good looking ones. I snagged three and two more yogurts for lunch/dinner.

For some reason the wireless is on the fritz today and I'm not getting any reception in my room. Up until this point, I've had stellar reception but this morning, nothing. I could get some in the hall but not in my room. I was thinking that maybe there was an issue with the 10.4.4 upgrade I did last night when I went to bed. I was going to be severely upset if there was an Airport Express issue in 10.4.4. I think the problems are on there end so for the meantime, I'm in the lobby browsing and I'll go back up to my room in a little while to watch some movies.

I went to try and run this morning. I got to an area with a track and a school. The area was actually really nice. The trees were very old and established the homes dated from the fortys and fifties. It was a very park like atmosphere. One neat little thing is that all of the homes in the area, and I mean every single one of them, had a shiny tin roof. I'm not sure why but it was interesting to note as I ran through the neighborhood.

I wasn't able to run for as long as I wanted. My knee started to hurt at about forteen minutes and I was back to the area where I'd parked so I called it quits. I'm sure I'll go back to that area to run again and I hope that I can run longer. It felt so good to get out in the open and run, breathe hard, feel the cold wind rush past me, and start to work up a sweat.


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