Sunday, January 29, 2006

Let me explain.

I tried to do something really, really stupid this morning. Let me explain. Yesterday when I went into work, I looked at the ad which runs from today until next Saturday evening. On the front page, we a 32 inch Magnavox LCD (HDTV Ready) tv on sale for $898. It's normally $1299. Even better, they are throwing a free Tivo when you buy the tv.

I calculated it out and with my team member discount along with the ten percent you get for opening a credit card, I could have walked out the door for about $791. That's an absolute steal. The tv is really a nice tv and has gotten stellar reviews all across the web. I will be buying a Tivo at some point so I that only sweetened the deal.

I thought about it all evening trying to talk myself into it. When I did that, I spend the next while trying to talk myself out of it. By morning, I'd talked myself into it so I loaded up and headed to work to go pick up my new TV and Tivo.

I've been promising myself that this year would be spent paying down my debt, not increasing it. With an actual income this year, I figured I could pay off some of my stupid college debt. I promised myself I wouldn't make any major (i.e. TV, Laptop, Motorcycle) purchases this year in an attempt to get some of my debt paid down. With that in mind, I headed off to get myself eight hundred dollars deeper in debt.

When I got to work and put in my application, I was approved but only for a house card and not the Visa that I wanted. They gave me a five hundred dollar credit limit. That wasn't going to cut it so, I called trying to talk them into bumping my limit up a few hundred dollars. I wasn't successful so I immediately closed the account and walked out the door downtrodden.

I came home without a tv and without a free Tivo but I didn't come home any deeper in debt either. I wish I'd gotten the tv, but I know it's probably better that I didn't I mean I already have a functional tv and there is no real reason to replace it except for the fact that LCDs are so sexy and my current CRT isn't so sexy.

Oh well.


Blogger Marit said...

Well---I am very proud of you! Even though it wasn't your choice NOT to get it. It's a good thing, coming from me---a penny pinching tight ass.

It's just a damn box.

5:15 PM  
Blogger schmims said...

I'm with Marit. I'm trying to get out of debt and she's trying to talk me into buying a computer. What a hussy!

I'm not sure if you debt is student loans or credit card, but if it's credit card, I'm in the same situation. Citi Bank offers 0% interest for 12 months on balance transfers. I opened three accounts and transfered all my debt. My other card had jacked my interest rate up to 24.7% and even though I was paying off more that I was putting on each month, the balance kept going up. I threw away the cards and now use my debit card instead. The numbers are going down quick now that I've made these few changes. You just have to make sure that if your balance isn't paid off after 12 months that you transfer it again so you don't get hit with the interest.

Good luck to you and way to go on doing something about your debt rather that getting into more.

5:12 AM  

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