Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"So, I guess you're my boss."

My Mom flew into town for a library convention for the remainder of the week. Before her two hour drive north to the site of the convention, we decided to meet for dinner. She picked the joint. It was the Whistle Stop Cafe. Apparently, it was the inspiration for the book Fried Green Tomatos. The movie was based on the book. It was pretty good. It was cafeteria style food, something your grandma might make you. I had chicken and dumplings, black eyed peas, a yeast roll, mac and cheese and a slice of chocolate chip pecan pie. So much for the diet. I wish I had my scale with me so I could see what my weight status is. Truth be told, since I got some money from work the diet has slipped and I've been eating way too much candy.

My friend, who I was so excited to see while I was up here still hasn't returned my calls. At this point, it's doubtful that she actually will. Really disappointing since I was here for two weeks and she knew that. I guess I wasn't worth making time for, oh well. Maybe there is a good reason behind it but as of now, I'm just a little miffed at the cold shoulder action.

I downloaded the new Yellowcard album that comes out next week. It's ok, but it's nothing like their old stuff. They have truly sold out. I'm sure that the album will go platinum and that makes me sad. I remember going to their shows a few years ago when they were truly a punky band and there would be less than 500 kids in the crowd -- all true music fans -- and how the band would mill around pre and post show with the crowd. Those days are long gone. Ryan, call me if you get your soul back, fucker.

I'm stoked about going home soon. I'm ready to get into my store and really take ownership of the electronics department. Get it arranged and do things the way I want them done. I've never really been in a position of leadership/management in any of my jobs before. It's kind of strange actually. When I was in Auburn for the first few days, I met my MMB (Movies, Music, and Books) Specialist. He said, "So, I guess you're my boss." Damn straight. That was wierd to hear someone say that but I think I can handle it.

In all my previous jobs, I've tried to do a decent job and be a good hardworking employee but since I've graduated and this in a sense is my career (albiet temporary) now, I have a different outlook about the job. I'm glad I've responded this way so far, I was a bit concerned how I would handle the situation to be honest. At other jobs, I've always used the excuse that 'I'm not getting paid enough to do that' or 'For six bucks an hour, this is the quality work you are getting out of me.'

Earning closer to eleven dollars an hour is enough motivation to get a better work ethic out of me. Only three more days. And I actually get to sleep in for each of them.

As you may know, Tuesday is the day all new music and DVDs come out. The sales floor has to be set with all the new merchandise when the store opens at eight. That means that we needed to be in at five to prepare and get everything out. This was the third time that that I had to be in at an ungodly hour. But I got up and was there plenty early, just like a good worker bee. Arriving, punching the clock and droning on through the day.

Beware of geeky dissection and analysis of meaningless topic ahead:

The strange thing has been that there has been no hot water at three and four in the morning here in my room. I'm not sure exactly how the plumbing system is set up here in the hotel but at all normal hours hot water is never more than a few seconds away. The only conclusion that I can come to is that the water heater is set on a timer to click on around five or five fifteen. That way they don't have to have hot water all through the night when no one needs it. Seems like a reasonable plan to me but what about those of us who go to work earlier than five. When I turn the hot water on full blast it has been heating up in a few minutes. I guess they have some sort of commercial grade water heating system that senses a demand for hot water and clicks on. That is the only way I can explain it. Has anyone else had this experience at a Hampton Inn or other such hotel? Can you comment on their water heating and delivery capibilities?

Ok, enough of that.


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