Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bequeath the winnings

As you might have figured out by now, I'm a pretty big Lawrence Arms fan. Well, over at Punknews.org, they are running a contest where you can win original lyrics sheets from the new album Oh! Calcutta! I've already entered but as it stands I can't enter anymore. If any of you out there in internets land have a heart, you might consider going over to the contest entry page and entering on my behalf. If you win you could just bequeath the winnings to me since they probably wouldn't mean too much to you, unless by chance you are a fan too.

I've also become quite enamored with this whole idea of including Google Video in the blog. Well, it looks like I can't include this video in a post, but here is a Lawrence Arms video for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Turkey Gobblin

I'm working the semi graveyard shift again this week. Lucky me. They even decided to schedule me six days and forty eight hours this week. I'm so excited. I really wish they had at least asked before they just assumed I'd do it.

I'm going in at four tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. All before my big half marathon that I have on Saturday morning. I hope I'll have my legs under me by then.

I guess what I'm saying is that things might be a little quiet around here for the second week in a row. Sorry.

I'll leave you with this. This is from the last time I went home with N. It's quite embarassing but I figured you'd get a kick out of seeing my wierdness first hand and no I'm not actually that Southern. Turkey Gobblin for your viewing pleasure.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

a punk rock show

Working those weird early morning shifts last week pretty much wore me out. I went in at five Tuesday, four Wednesday, and three Thursday. Luckily, I've had the last three days off to recover. I'm just now feeling back to normal.

Friday was pretty much a recover from work day and get ready for the finale to the Week of Rock. N's brother, P, got into town and I had lunch with he and N. Then after coming back here and packing, we were ready to hit the road for the short trip up to Atlanta. We got to our destination and checked into the hotel we'd be sleeping in.

When choosing hotels our only criteria was that it needed to be within walking distance of the venue. There were several hotels that fit the bill. One was a Holiday Inn Express, one was The Stratford. There was a forty dollar difference in price. We chose price over comfort/safety/amenities. Twenty bucks each is a lot of beer to leave on the table if you have the option.

The reviews (1, 2) made it seem much worse than it actually was. Sure, it wasn't in a very good area but the rooms were behind security doors and there was an iron fence around the place. After checking in and seeing the sparse (it reminded P of his efficiency apartment from college), we headed down to The Varsity for a chili dog dinner. If you are ever in Atlanta and haven't been to the Varsity, shame on you. Do it, you won't regret it.

We drove back to the hotel and put P's new Passat in the safest looking parking space we could find and began to hoof it down to the venue. Passing a gas station, I remembered we wanted to take a chance at the two hundred and twelve dollar jackpot the Mega Millions game was promising. I put down two for the cash option to the teller behind the two inch thick glass who was studying the absorption rate of oxygen by the lungs per breath cycle. Yeah, I thought it strange too.

Realizing that this was probably our best chance to buy cheap beer before getting ass raped for beer at the venue, I procured a twenty two ounce Steel Reserve. Since we were headed to a punk rock show in it's truest sense, I thought it appropriate to go for a higher Oz/%/price quotient and leave taste out of my decision making process all together.

I thought my brew would run me at least two dollars but I was pleasantly surprised when the clerk only wanted a dollar twenty nine. I forked over the change and was issued a plastic bag. P, tending to stay on the legal side of the street on most occasions decided not to take part in the gas station beerfest. When we got outside, I decided the only appropriate thing to do was to chug as fast as I could. My goal of one minute wasn't met and with about half my can left we decided to walk on to the venue. As we rounded the corner, I was informed by a man in a lemon yellow suit accompanied by a lemon yellow Ford Thunderbird that I was violating the ordinance and needed to leave the premises if I wanted to continue consuming my beverage.

We did. We got in line with all the other punkers and wanna be punkers. We waited the half hour until the doors were scheduled to open, then we waited some more. In that time, I seriously contemplated walking back to the gas station to procure more liquid goodness but decided against it.

We got into the show and waited for the first band to come on. They pretty much sucked. The lead singer looked like a frat boy and was trying to be ironic but just came across and an untalented ass. They aren't even worth mentioning anymore.

The three bands that we were there to see were The Loved Ones, The Lawrence Arms, and NOFX. The Loved Ones are an up and coming band that coalesced out of a few defunct Philadelphia bands. They were pretty good Sunday in Birmingham and they were good in Atlanta. I can't say that their album is a must have, but it's pretty good and it will at least go in my rotation.

P is all about some Lawrence Arms. They are pretty much his favorite band, bred for their skills in songwriting and rocking. Since I've known we were going to this show, I've been giving them a lot of listening and they have slowly crept up the list to be among my favorite bands. They are that good. We have been eagerly anticipating their new album, and checking their myspace page every day to hear the newest tracks. Last Sunday they mentioned they had their album for sale upstairs, a full two weeks in advance. P jumped at it and has been rocking out to it all week. I've just been rocking to their older stuff.

When we saw them Sunday, we were able to introduce ourselves and say hi to each member of the band. It was pretty awesome. How often have you gotten to meet your favorite rock stars and actually have a conversation with them? Me, on numerous occasions. Ha!

We got to talk to Neil Hennesey at length. He's a damn cool guy and took time to answer all our fanboy questions about The Lawrence Arms and he and Brenden Kelly's side project The Falcon, which P and I are also enamored with. At the end of the show Sunday in Birmingham, I asked him for the setlist but unfortunately, someone had already swiped it.

We saw him hanging out at the merch booth on Friday and went over to say hi again. Amazingly, he recognized us. We talked some more and asked more questions about The Falcon's upcoming full length. Apparently it's all recorded and just needs to be mixed when they get back from tour. Neil said that at this point they don't have a label to put it out on but they were going to talk to Fat Mike and Fat Wreck Chords as well as Brett Gurewitz and Epitaph. If all goes well, he seems to think that it will be out by summer. I've got my fingers crossed. One other thing of note, since it's a side project they can pretty much do whatever they are feeling at the moment, he said they put some Ska on the new record. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but we'll see all in due time.

When I asked him what it was like touring with NOFX, he told me that it was pretty much what you would expect it to be and more. A nonstop party. "We were in Ft. Lauderdale the other night driving around at one thirty in the morning looking for a strip club because Fat Mike wanted to find two strippers to bang out."

I got down in the pit starting with The Loved Ones. It was a stellar time. Plenty of room to dance and jump around and rock out. The crowd was into them but since they are so new to the scene and their full length has only been out a week, I'm not sure if everyone was familiar with them.

Things started to get crazy when The Lawrence Arms came on. Brenden and Chris the singers both had shirts that said, 'He likes the cock' with hands pointing at the other guy. It was pretty funny. They put on a great show and it was much better than the show in Birmingham mostly because the crowd was so much more into it. P who is a much calmer and less outgoing guy than I even got into it. We stayed in the pit most of the time. I know I hit the ground several times. I even got him up on top for his first crowd surfing experience. I went up and over twice.

I left the pit during the last song so that I could go around to the side of the stage to try and get the set list that Neil had promised me. Sure enough, true to his word he brought it over. That meant a lot to me.

After the set, we went back to the bar too cool off. At this point, I was shirtless, drunk, bruised and fatigue was setting in. P tracked down Brenden and got to have a conversation with him which made his day. He even told P that he looked like the drummer's brother from the Broadway's a band he used to play in. It was my round to buy so I ordered, 'Two PBR's for us and a Jim Beam and water for the rock star.'

NOFX came on. They were good but they played a lot of stuff I wasn't familiar with. I was actually kind of disappointed. I recognized probably five out of the twenty or so that they played. I think this quote P overheard in the bathroom sums it up. "I'm not sure about seeing NOFX, I think they are passed their prime. The fucking band is older than I am." I heard they suck live and while I wouldn't say they sucked, I would say it could have been better.

Some hippie kid who looked a lot like Jesus lost his shoe near me. I helped him find it. When I gave it back to him he was super stoked. He kept thanking me. I just kept telling him 'Dude, it's cool, don't worry about it.'

Then I lost my watch. I told some kid during a songbreak. He found it shortly there after. The hippie kid with the shoe insisted it was good Karma. I think so too. I'm glad I found my watch, it was a highschool graduation present. All it needs is a new pin and it will be wearable again.

After the show, P and I walked back to the hotel where we passed out. When I woke up, I had a busted lip, a cut forehead, nine bruises and no hangover. What an awesome night. Week of Rock concluded. It rocked to it's fullest maximum potential. Success. Now, it's back to the grind of punching the timeclock.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thought I'd share

I'm spent and am going to try to recover before the big NOFX/The Lawrence Arms/ The Loved Ones show tomorrow in Atlanta. Here are a few pictures I found today and thought I'd share.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wearing on me.

The week of rock is continuing at full throttle. I've been working third shift this week and it is really wearing on me. That's why I haven't been coming around lately. I'll try to get caught up on Saturday.

Monday, February 20, 2006

I did however still have time to do this.

I made it to the show last night and boy was it worth it, but more on that later.

I put in a full day today and have to be back at work tomorrow at five so I don't have a lot of time to write. I did however still have time to do this.

As it stands, I continue my personal campaign against Scoble and his idiocy. Robert, I know your reading...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Not Valid.

J2, aka Navy Boy, dropped by on his way home Friday night. When I was home at Christmas, I picked up some of the nectar of life for him with the promise that he would come to visit and pick it up.

What I meant by that was that he would come and stay a weekend. Well, there must have been some miscommunication because he took it to mean, that he could drop by and pick it up and be on his way.

Sure enough, he dropped by, picked up his Carolina Blonde, ate some killer spaghetti that I cooked him and was out the door. At least he had a good excuse, it was his Mom's birthday and he wanted to see her. Ok, I can live with that.

N's brother and I are meeting in Birmingham this evening to see The Lawrence Arms and The Loved Ones. It should be a fun show and it's only seven bucks to get in the door. While J2 was here on Friday, and I found out he didn't have to be back at work till Tuesday, I had the brilliant idea that he could come over this afternoon, go to the show with us and head back to the ship tomorrow morning.

He sounded into the idea of going to the show but pulled out some lame excuse about not wanting to do that much driving. I tried to explain to him that it wasn't really any more because he practically had to come back this way on his way back to the ship anyway. He continued to sidestep actually commiting to coming back and going to the show.

So, I decided to hold one of his six packs for ransom. Basically I told him he could take what was left of the sixer we were working on but he couldn't have the other one until he came back Sunday to go to the show. He didn't like that too much.

When he was ready to leave we went round and round about whether he would come back with him begging for the beer so he could be on his way and me begging him to come back and go to the show.

I eventually caved, knowing he probably wouldn't come back. But I did make me promise that if he indeed didn't come back that he would have to have a real, valid excuse to not come.

This morning his excuse was that he wanted to see his Mom more and he had some stuff to do around his house and that he's a pussy and didn't want to drive anymore. Not valid. At this point I'm a little miffed that he didn't come back. I really wanted him to go to the show with me tonight. It's going to be a blast, but a lot less so since he won't be there.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Lindsey Jacobellis, what the fuck was that?

Lindsey Jacobellis, what the fuck was that? Ok, so you have a commanding lead going into the last two straight air jumps and you are going to showboat by throwing a fucking tweaked out Method?

This is a prime example of what the rest of the world points at when they talk of 'typical American Arrogance'. Thanks Lindsey. The rest of the world was watching you come down that hill for a fucking Gold medal and you showboat your way to a silver. I'm not quite sure you deserve even that.

Kids, when your coach tells you never to give up, listen. That Swiss girl, Tanja Frieden, is living proof that some asshole will eventually embarrass themselves and you can ride to glory.

Great job Lindsey.

Update: I just listened to her post race interview. That is such fucking bullshit. Don't lie to the fucking camera and the rest of us. She claimed to be only grabbing to 'stabilize' herself. Bullshit. Her semi final grab was an Indy grab which is a traditional stabilizing grab. She was showboating and she got hers due to it. Fess up, be a woman, don't try to lie it off....

Here comes another interview... Recation forthcoming...

There is nothing like your performance being called, "one of the greatest sporting gaffes of all time" by none other than Jimmy Roberts and "there is not parallel in sports" by Bob Costas. She's gotta feel like such a piece of shit. I know I would.

Live blogging the interview:
Quit trying to deny it. Face up to it. Frustration isn't the feeling one would get upon that fall. I think 'oh fuck' is what she thought. She says she has no regrets. Let's ask her in twenty years when she is a nobody, She'll regret it...

I'm racing tomorrow so I need some sleep. I guarantee that I won't showboat it across the line tomorrow morning.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I find myself randomly yelling Yep! and Hard, Hard! occasionally.

As it turns out, I'm not the only one who thinks that the US Women's Curling Team are a bunch of hotties. Looking at server logs and referrers (yes, again) it seems as though I'm the top result on Yahoo! for 'Johnson twins curling'. I've had serveral people stumble across my last post detailing my affection for the girls. Somebody out there even seems to think they have done some swimsuit modeling judging from the keywords they were using. A guy could only wish.

They have even gotten me so into the sport that I find myself randomly yelling Yep! and Hard, Hard! occasionally. Not really but it's a funny thought.

On NBC's Olympic site I saw a family album of the Johnsons and towards the end there are pictures of the twins with college age guys. How disappointing. But, I'm not sure I ever thought such catches would be single anyway. I Facebooked them and couldn't find them at their school, so I guess I'll just have to keep watching.

Off to work now. I'll be missing the primetime broadcast again tonight for the second night in a row. It's days like this that I wish the Tivo wasn't over at N's house. Damn.

Five days of hard labor trail maintaining.

This morning I applied to be on the Brush Busters Trail Crew that will maintain some of the most remote portions of the Appalachian Trail in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. The section that I applied for runs from July 3 to July 8. From what I understand, you meet up with a group and head out onto the trail for five days of hard labor trail maintaining.

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy provides all of the gear you need, pretty much you just have to show up and be ready and willing to work. That I am.

As my plans stand right now. I have to be out of my apartment on June 30. I plan to leave my job with the big box retailer a few days before. Ideally, the shipping company I'm going to work for will pick my stuff up on June 30 and put it into storage until I start with them. I don't have to report to New Jersey until July 17th, so I have almost two weeks to play and have some time off before my wear a suit - shave my beard - working for the man job starts. Some of that time I plan to spend on the trail. Hopefully with this trail maintaining group. If not with them, I may be attempting another solo section hike.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Scoble's a brrreeeport.

Our Women's Curling team is hot.

Has anyone else noticed that a substantial portion of our Women's Curling team is hot. There are two twins, the Johnson sisters, on the team and they are pretty damn cute. I've never wanted to watch curling before in my life and in fact as I watch it right now, I don't even know how points are scored exactly. I do know though that those twins are gorgeous. The Japanese girls aren't too bad either.

I also went to the tattoo place today and got hooked up with an artist. He will be drawing something up and I'm going to go by Thursday and take a look at it.

Monday, February 13, 2006

I love the Olympics

GodDamn (Been dropping that way too often lately) I love the Olympics. I'll be back when life settles down and their aren't so many demands on my time. Go US.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I'm kind of a big deal

I don't know how to say this, but I'm kind of a big deal. Via the Malleable Truth.

A pretty big part of my life

I've always considered getting a tattoo, I just haven't found anything that I've liked enough to want to permanently ink myself. Also the fact that I'm going to be a suit and work for the man pretty much precludes anything being anywhere that I can't hide it. It's not exactly possible to walk into a business meeting with a bunch of Danes and have 'Thug 4 Life' tattooed on your neck.

The end of next month will mark one year since I started running. Since that time, it's become a pretty big part of my life. I'm running at least five days a week, shooting for the twelve hundred mile club and I have a full racing schedule this spring.

In honor of my transformation from sedentary fatass to fit runner, I've been thinking of getting a running tattoo. How exactly I want to do this is still up for debabte and I'd like your input.

Both Google and Yahoo turn up suprisingly little when using keywords such as 'runners tattoo', 'running tattoo', 'marathon tattoo'. Here is what I've found though:

This is one that I've found. I like it but if I get a runner like this I'm not sure that I want him on my ankle. N and I have pretty much decided that tattoos like this look fratastic and are not for me. I'm thinking of this guy or some variation on the back of my calf.

I don't know that I really like this one but the idea of it is pretty cool. I think this is on the back of this guys calf. I don't know that I'd go with one this big and I don't think I'd put a date and or a time but as and example I think it has some merit.

I think this is the concept that I like the most. I've been searching for a shoe or shoes with wings but I can't seem to find anything I really like. I did come across this persons tattoo. I don't really think there could be anything to say 'I'm a Runner' more than wings tattooed to your ankles. The thing about this is that in order for it to look right, I'd need to get one on each ankle. I'm not sure that I like All the colors, but I think I could get the artist to design something that would be more agreeable for me.

I think the running theme is something that has become enough of a part of my life that I think I feel comfortable immortalizing it on my skin. I know it's easy to say this now but at this point other than injury, I don't know why I'd ever stop running. I know life happens and people quit the things they love all the time but right now it does mean a lot to me.

So, what do you think? What do you think of tattoos in general? Ultimatly it is a personal decision but your input does mean something to me so please comment. What do you think of these possibles? What other input or advice do you have? Thanks in advance for your input.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Get invited backstage

One of the things that I like about my job so far has been the ability to essentially make my schedule. It seems like other than having to work five days a week, they are pretty flexible about when I actually need to be there.

For example, I've already requested off several weekends when I have travel schedule. I've already requested off several days when I know I'll be racing. All my requests have been approved no questions asked.

N's been planning to go home this weekend for some time. It just so happens that I ended up with the weekend off, so I'll be joining her. I'm excited because I haven't been home with her in a long time. Off the top of my head, I can't think of the last time I was home with her. It was sometime during the fall, I think August or September. It's always nice to get out of town for a weekend once a month or so, just so I don't get in a rut. I'm sure I'll end up eating way too much this weekend but such is the price you pay when you visit Greeks. The food is just oh so good.

I was pretty bummed when I didn't get to catch the Boys Night Out/Armor for Sleep show in Atlanta last week. N's brother and I have plans to see The Lawrence Arms and NOFX in Atlanta at the end of the month. It's going to be a boys weekend out. We are going to meet at the show on Friday, party our asses off, get beat up in the pit and sack out at a hotel before returning to our respective corners of Alabama on Saturday.

The Lawrence Arms and Brendan Kelly is N's brothers favorite band and they have a new album coming out soon. He is actually all about some Brendan Kelly all the way from The Broadways to The Falcon. Looking around their website, I found out that they are going to be in Birmingham on the 19th. They are playing at a small place that sounds pretty much like someones basement with a PA. We are going.

We are going to see them two times in a week. In all probibility, it should top out as the best week ever. The plan is to go to the show on the 19th, try to meet the band and tell them we are coming to Atlanta on the 24th to see them. Maybe if we aren't too big of dorks we could make friends and get invited backstage or get to party with them. I doubt it but stranger things have happened.

Now, what am I going to wear?

Monday, February 06, 2006

Massive vase overboard

I'm not your typical college age person when it comes to keeping my home/apartment. I have a very grown up sensibility. I keep my room and the rest of the apartment very clean. Some say I'm anal rententive or OCD about it but I'm not. I just appreciate the value of a clean and organized home.

Roommate and I have been living in our current apartment for two and a half years. When we moved in, I was determined to make it nice and not the typical college guys apartment you with neon beer signs, a collection of beer bottles and posters of swimsuit models on the walls. My roommates had other ideas. They eventually overrulled me. Damn them.

As a house warming present, N bought me/us a huge arrangement of decorative bamboo and a really cool vase to keep it in. She spent over a hundred dollars on this for us.

For about a year, it stayed just where you see it in the above picture, on top of the entertainment center. At some point though, tensions between my slobbish roommates and I became strained to say the least. For what ever reason, my roommate started moving the bamboo over to the other side of the apartment on top of another piece of furniture.

I took exception to this for several reasons. Primarily, I didn't want him moving my shit and rearranging stuff without at least telling me. Secondly, I didn't want the bamboo on the other side of the apartment where it would get too little light.

We went back and forth for several days. I would come home to find the bamboo moved. I would move it back. It would happen again... Eventually, we got into a huge argument over it. Tempers flaired, voices were raised. Basically, we had a shouting match about all of the unspoken things we had been fuming over for months.

At some point during the conversation, N got up from the recliner where she was watching this event unfold and picked up the bamboo. She calmly walked out onto the balcony as roommate and I continued to shout. Suddenly, I heard an enormous shattering sound and I looked out on the deck to see that N had in fact tossed the bamboo along with the massive vase overboard and into the parking lot fifteen feet below. It was an amazing way to make a statement. I was flabbergasted and it took several minutes to get my jaw up off my chest.

She came in, told my roommate off in very specific terms only a sailor would use and promptly left. That pretty much ended the argument between my roommate and I.

I was able to salvage about half the bamboo from the original setup. I kept it as pieces slowly died. Today, a year and a half later, I threw out the last pieces. Of the three I still had, two died and started to rot. It didn't seem worthwhile to keep a single piece.

I really liked my bamboo. When I get settled somewhere, wherever that may be, I'll probably invest in some more.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Since it was on campus there was no alcohol involved.

Auburn celebrated it's 150th Birthday yesterday evening with a big block party bash/fireworks. Since it was on campus there was no alcohol involved. Dissappointing I know... I sure was. Here is the photographic evidence to prove it was there. It was cold, I should have taken gloves.

Miller Lite Girls.

I'm off tomorrow, so I've spent the evening drinking beer and watching football. My normal modus operandi is: football, football football: commercial= bathroom, new beer, email.

I tell you it's really hard to break the habit and sit during commercials. That means breaks during the game, which other than a passing interest, I don't care too much about.

My roommate has been dating a girl for a few months and he has been somewhat into her. You might recall, I had some concerns about him and his drinking/dating habits a while back. Lately, he's been going out without her a bit but still being true.

Last weekend he told me how he was at the bar with his buddy and pretty much could have gone home with one of the Miller Lite Girls. He didn't because he's been trying to be a good guy lately and tryinig to be true because as I said, he was into his girlfriend.

That all ended tonight. He left without a word and I'm sure he is on a bender and there is a good chance he will come home or go home with a strange girl in the next two nights.

What a good Guy.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Enough with the server logs already.

I know what you are thinking, enough with the server logs already. I'm sorry, I can't help it. I'm a geek and I analyze these things.

Haley Center is the tallest building on campus and I'm pretty sure the tallest building in the county. I've often thought about how if you were the type of person who was thinking about killing themselves, jumping off the upper deck of the stadium or the ninth floor of Haley Center would be a spectacularly public way to go.

Well, it turns out that someone else out there might have had some of the same thoughts. Using the search terms 'jump "haley center"' someone found me via Google. I wonder about their motivation. Are they thinking of jumping from Haley Center and ending it all? Are they just wondering if anyone else has done it? A Google search is inconclusive. Their IP originated in Virginia so, I'm guessing they were just doing research. But you never know. I'll let you know if we have any jumpers in the next few weeks.

It's really interesting (at least to me) to analyze how and why people find Backside 180. Now, back to your regularly scheduled life.

In bullet form

I know that I need to blog, you deserve it. It's quite shameless since I have in fact, had the entire afternoon to work up a post but have devised nothing. Maybe it's the burnout from working ten days straight. I'm pretty sure thats it actually. Tomorrow on the eleventh day, I might just explode. I think I'll do this post in bullet form:

  • I backed into my neighbors Land Rover. It didn't do much damage just take some paint off the bumper guard. It's a pretty shitty truck and has been parked in the same spot for months. I don't know where the neighbor lives or how to get in touch with him.
  • I've tried to clean up all the evidence so maybe I can get away with it if I can't contact him.
  • I need a day off.
  • I can't find anyone to go to Atlanta tomorrow with me.
  • Consequently, I don't get to go to the show that I was planning on
  • Good rock comes out of Finland. See Hanoi Rocks and HIM for examples.
  • I get my paycheck tomorrow and it's already spent.
That's pretty much all I can muster at the moment. Maybe I'll have some original content that's actually interesting in a few days.