Friday, February 17, 2006

Lindsey Jacobellis, what the fuck was that?

Lindsey Jacobellis, what the fuck was that? Ok, so you have a commanding lead going into the last two straight air jumps and you are going to showboat by throwing a fucking tweaked out Method?

This is a prime example of what the rest of the world points at when they talk of 'typical American Arrogance'. Thanks Lindsey. The rest of the world was watching you come down that hill for a fucking Gold medal and you showboat your way to a silver. I'm not quite sure you deserve even that.

Kids, when your coach tells you never to give up, listen. That Swiss girl, Tanja Frieden, is living proof that some asshole will eventually embarrass themselves and you can ride to glory.

Great job Lindsey.

Update: I just listened to her post race interview. That is such fucking bullshit. Don't lie to the fucking camera and the rest of us. She claimed to be only grabbing to 'stabilize' herself. Bullshit. Her semi final grab was an Indy grab which is a traditional stabilizing grab. She was showboating and she got hers due to it. Fess up, be a woman, don't try to lie it off....

Here comes another interview... Recation forthcoming...

There is nothing like your performance being called, "one of the greatest sporting gaffes of all time" by none other than Jimmy Roberts and "there is not parallel in sports" by Bob Costas. She's gotta feel like such a piece of shit. I know I would.

Live blogging the interview:
Quit trying to deny it. Face up to it. Frustration isn't the feeling one would get upon that fall. I think 'oh fuck' is what she thought. She says she has no regrets. Let's ask her in twenty years when she is a nobody, She'll regret it...

I'm racing tomorrow so I need some sleep. I guarantee that I won't showboat it across the line tomorrow morning.


Blogger zTransmissions said...

that's the first thing i thought too. people all over the world are laughing their asses off at us, and rightly so. there were a few alpine skiiers who also courted controversy because of costume demands. one wore a tiara, another pearls, and a third made a stink when officials wouldn't let her wear cat ears. i'm pretty sure none of them medalled either, so exactly what were they trying to prove?

8:06 AM  

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