Monday, February 06, 2006

Massive vase overboard

I'm not your typical college age person when it comes to keeping my home/apartment. I have a very grown up sensibility. I keep my room and the rest of the apartment very clean. Some say I'm anal rententive or OCD about it but I'm not. I just appreciate the value of a clean and organized home.

Roommate and I have been living in our current apartment for two and a half years. When we moved in, I was determined to make it nice and not the typical college guys apartment you with neon beer signs, a collection of beer bottles and posters of swimsuit models on the walls. My roommates had other ideas. They eventually overrulled me. Damn them.

As a house warming present, N bought me/us a huge arrangement of decorative bamboo and a really cool vase to keep it in. She spent over a hundred dollars on this for us.

For about a year, it stayed just where you see it in the above picture, on top of the entertainment center. At some point though, tensions between my slobbish roommates and I became strained to say the least. For what ever reason, my roommate started moving the bamboo over to the other side of the apartment on top of another piece of furniture.

I took exception to this for several reasons. Primarily, I didn't want him moving my shit and rearranging stuff without at least telling me. Secondly, I didn't want the bamboo on the other side of the apartment where it would get too little light.

We went back and forth for several days. I would come home to find the bamboo moved. I would move it back. It would happen again... Eventually, we got into a huge argument over it. Tempers flaired, voices were raised. Basically, we had a shouting match about all of the unspoken things we had been fuming over for months.

At some point during the conversation, N got up from the recliner where she was watching this event unfold and picked up the bamboo. She calmly walked out onto the balcony as roommate and I continued to shout. Suddenly, I heard an enormous shattering sound and I looked out on the deck to see that N had in fact tossed the bamboo along with the massive vase overboard and into the parking lot fifteen feet below. It was an amazing way to make a statement. I was flabbergasted and it took several minutes to get my jaw up off my chest.

She came in, told my roommate off in very specific terms only a sailor would use and promptly left. That pretty much ended the argument between my roommate and I.

I was able to salvage about half the bamboo from the original setup. I kept it as pieces slowly died. Today, a year and a half later, I threw out the last pieces. Of the three I still had, two died and started to rot. It didn't seem worthwhile to keep a single piece.

I really liked my bamboo. When I get settled somewhere, wherever that may be, I'll probably invest in some more.


Blogger schmims said...

At least it wasn't a "president from Canada". THK and I got into an arguement Saturday because he drank the last of four Canadian beers a friend brought back as a gift. WITH. OUT. ASKING. For some reason, I can't say "present from Canada".

5:20 AM  

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