Sunday, February 05, 2006

Miller Lite Girls.

I'm off tomorrow, so I've spent the evening drinking beer and watching football. My normal modus operandi is: football, football football: commercial= bathroom, new beer, email.

I tell you it's really hard to break the habit and sit during commercials. That means breaks during the game, which other than a passing interest, I don't care too much about.

My roommate has been dating a girl for a few months and he has been somewhat into her. You might recall, I had some concerns about him and his drinking/dating habits a while back. Lately, he's been going out without her a bit but still being true.

Last weekend he told me how he was at the bar with his buddy and pretty much could have gone home with one of the Miller Lite Girls. He didn't because he's been trying to be a good guy lately and tryinig to be true because as I said, he was into his girlfriend.

That all ended tonight. He left without a word and I'm sure he is on a bender and there is a good chance he will come home or go home with a strange girl in the next two nights.

What a good Guy.


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