Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Calling me Matisyahu.

Some time ago, I think it was right after graduation or Christmas, I decided since I'd probably have to shave my beard when I report to New Jersey in July that I wasn't going to shave it until that point.

My beard is getting pretty impressive. The only problem I've had with my plan so far is that I haven't cut my hair yet either. There are several reasons why. I can do it by myself but the hair on my neck is tricky and I would never get a straight line doing it myself. N has refused to cut my hair for me as she usually does unless I trim my beard along with it. She says I'll look stupid with 1/8 inch hair and an inch and a half beard. She's probably right, but I dont' care.

I'm not trying to win any beauty contests and girls don't pay that much attention to me anyway. The beard is progressing greatly. One of the guys that works for me has even taken to calling me Matisyahu. I'll take it as a compliment even though I'm not a reggae rapping Orthodox Jew. By June, I might be ready to enter the World Beard Championships. The hair is a bit out of control. I needs a trimming.

I'm a low maintenance kind of guy. I haven't combed my hair in years because there has been no need with it as short as it is. Today, I got out of the shower and laid down on the couch to watch Saw II. Normally this isn't a problem.

My hair has reached a length though that if I lay down with wet hair as I did today, I end up with a flat mushed portion on that side of my skull. N wouldn't let me leave the house without a hat when we went to lunch.

I'm getting a haircut tomorrow. The beard is staying as is.


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