Friday, March 31, 2006

Fifty dollars an hour.

Wednesday before work, I helped my boss begin the process of moving by helping her clean out the basement. We went through sorting things into three piles. Stuff that stays with the house, stuff that goes to the new house, and trash. We took several truckloads of stuff down to the new house before I had to leave for my job at the big box retailer.

I was under the impression that I would get paid ten bucks an hour for the help. I didn't mind it for it was fairly easy if manual work. I ended up working for two hours. She insisted as I was leaving that she pay me. I told her it wasn't nesicary because they do a lot for me. They let the Beagle board at the store for free while I'm out of town and I can count on them if I need anything.
I only told her she didn't have to pay me because I knew she would insist. Of course she did. When she handed me a hundred dollar bill, I did that dance where I insisted it was too much even though I was happy to keep it. She insisted I take it, saying I do a lot for them.

I walked away having made fifty dollars an hour.

When N informed me tonight that they had more stuff to move, I jumped at the chance. I gave her a call letting her know that I'm free tomorrow morning as well as some during the week.

I'm off Friday, Saturday and Sunday of next week. Even though they are my days off, I think I'm going to put in some time moving boxes.

If the pay scale is anything like Wednesday, by next week I might have enough to buy a 360 or even a Macbook Pro (probably not but at least I'll be closer than I am today).


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