Sunday, March 05, 2006

Foiled again.

Even though I'm now making a decent living wage, I still haven't quite gotten caught up from when I was dead broke in the late fall. Consequently, I have a little disposable income with each paycheck, but most of the check is already spoken for by bills once it is deposited into my account.

I spend a lot of time at the store. Last week, I clocked fifty three hours. In some sense, you could easily equate that to fifty three hours of shopping. Our store is massive and being one of the nicer big box retailers, we have some nice stuff. It's pretty much impossible to go through a day without seeing something and saying, 'Damn, I could use that.'

In mid January, we put out a set in seasonal that featured cool home decor stuff from around the world. There was lots of neat stuff that I could have filled the apartment with if I had wished. I could have decorated an entire apartment from that mini Pier 1 section.

There was a particular lamp that I became enamored with. It would have been perfect to sit by my couch. The only light we have in the living room is the overhead light from the ceiling fan. I hate overhead lighting. I'm more of a lamp, accent lighting kind of guy. Anyway, this lamp would have been perfect.

It was eighty bucks and there wasn't anyway I could or would swing that much for it. All I could do was hope it stuck around until the set went on clearance. Sure enough, the set went to thrity percent off and we still had two. Two weeks later, it went to fifty percent off and we sold one. At fifty percent off it was only forty dollars and I came close to buying it but it was just out of my budget.

I told myself that if it went seventy five percent off, that lamp was mine. So what happens, I come in one morning to find the price change team putting it all to seventy five percent off! My lamp is gone. Fuckers. I found out after some investigation that the lady from recieving/chargeback had plucked it up the night before.

Foiled. And I wanted the lamp so bad. No amount of persuasion would have her give the lamp up.

I've been watching this windbreaker back in the mens clothing section. We actually have a rather nice selection of running gear/active wear by Champion. This windbreaker was no exception.

It was originally twenty five bucks and had gone on clearance to thrity off. Still out of my price range. Then it went to fifty, only twelve forty eight. It was getting close, but I figured, why not wait a few more days and see if it goes to seventy five. I had every intention to buy it.

I went in last night to close and I saw our undercover security guy wearing a very familiar jacket. Fuck. He got to it before me.

Foiled again.

I went back and rummaged around to find another one. Too bad it's a large and I fucking swim in it.

See, being a cheap ass sometimes comes back to bite you in the ass. Is it possible to have too much Lovejoy? In these cases, yes.

A race report is upcoming, pending delivery of some pictures.


Blogger schmims said...

Keep in mind, there's always other shit to buy. and if you want it bad, get it at 50% off. Or find out when the 75% crew is coming through.

8:47 AM  
Blogger Marit said...

You can never have too much Lovejoy! I'm 100% baby! I'm with EM, buy it at 50% off if you want it. Then, bust the lovejoy out. When it goes at 75%, buy it again THEN RETURN IT.....with the 50% off receipt. I do that shit all the time.

Does someone work at Target?

6:21 AM  

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