Thursday, March 02, 2006

Get my legs under me

Since I've been getting to bed early enough (between eight fifteen and eight thirty) going in at four this week hasn't been too bad. I've enjoyed working with my team that I've been assigned to. There has been plenty to entertain us and lots of laughter throughout the day. We are making an art out of making fun of our boss. In a teasing, 'but he's really a good guy' kind of way.

I've got the Auburn Classic Half Marathon on Saturday morning. I'm excited to get out and race a longer race. I'm not going to run too hard, just shooting for a time of an hour and forty minutes. I got in eighteen miles early in the week and am taking today and tomorrow off to try and get my legs under me before the race. N has promised to come and take pictures so I'll probably have some to post over the weekend.

When J2 was here last, we talked about my prospective tattoo. He says I shouldn't do it. Being a Navy Boy, he got one several years ago and even though he says he doesn't regret it, he does say he wouldn't do it again. He says I'll feel the same way or worse as well. That worries me a bit because I do have some part of me that thinks he is right. That's his Navy Boy tattoo on the left.

I've been by the tattoo parlor several times and have been working with an artist to get a design worked up. He finished it last week and I like it alot. I'm going to want it downscaled to eighty five or so percent of it's current size but overall I like what he came up with. N really seems to like it as well as P when I took him by to see it.

I get paid tomorrow but all that money is reserved for bills so, I'll have to wait another two weeks until I'll have enough cash to go by and get some work done on it. This might be the last chance for public comment on it so please let me know what you think. I know I'm not doing it for anyone else but myself but I still like input, so comment away.


Blogger schmims said...

GO FOR IT! I have a tat, love it still after 6 years. Don't listen to J. After all, he still loves his. And I am with him, I wouldn't get another one, not becasue I don't like the first but becasue one is enough and I don't have anything else I would want permanently engraved on my body.


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