Tuesday, March 21, 2006

the gravity of the situation.

As is custom at my job, I needed to be in at five to get all the street dates (new movies and music) set before the store opens at eight. I usually try to get in a bit early just to get set up so we don't waste a bunch of time when my specialist gets there at five (or just after).

We also had a visit from the stupid field merchandiser bitch. She's an idiot and although she understands how things should be displayed and merchandised, she is clueless when it comes to technology. Hearing her speak of Blu Ray or HD DVDs makes me want to shoot myself. Moving on. Things needed to be kosher and in tip top shape for her arrival.

I set my alarm for three forty five so I could be at work by four thirty to prep for the street dating action. I got to bed in plenty of time to get a solid five and a half hours of sleep. Not enough but it's the best I could do.

The last thing I can remember from last night was waking up at one forty five to a hellatious storm. It was a big one, thunder, lightining, high winds, the works. Rolling back over I figured I had a few more hours to sleep.

The next thing I knew I woke up, opened my eyes to see light filling my room. I though, hmm, that's strange. I rolled over, still in a sleepy haze to look at the clock. When I saw that it registered seven fifty four, the gravity of the situation didn't exactly hit me. I thought, 'something's not right. hmm. Oh Holy Shit!'

I leapt out of bed. Literally. I was out the door in seven minutes flat. I arrived at work three hours and ten minutes late. I got several looks but no reprimand. I don't know if they even really cared. The street dates got done without me, and the visit was good, the sales floor was green.

Awesome. I stayed late and went without lunch today. It was a long day. I'm off tomorrow which is stellar. I have to go renew my license at the courthouse. I also need to pick the scooter up at the shop. I got the tire fixed and a new brake pad put on today. Mundane stuff in comparison.


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