Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm a blanket people.

The other day N went through an exercise on her blog where she took all the good parts from guys she's gotten 'complicated' with and put them together to form her perfect guy.

She talked about how one of her guys it courteous and opens doors and always makes sure shes comfortable. Another guy she likes for the way they sleep together and his cuddlyness. Another guy has just the sense of humor that she likes. Still another she likes for his intellect and the way he's really smart but not over the top or condesending. Another guy she likes because he is a good lover and very sexy. She would put her perfect guy into this guys body.

I got security. Apparently that's the best part of me. In her words there are no secrets, we get along, and I'm familar. Also, she thinks that I'll do anything for her to help her.

All that about me is true. I'd do anything for her. When I first read that post, I came away a bit sad. You know what it makes me sound like? A blanket. I'm a blanket people. I don't know how I feel about that.

I saw her that night when we cooked dinner. I asked her if she thought of me as a blanket. She said she didn't but asked if I was disappointed in what she wrote. Of course I was but would never admit it. She informed me that she thought I got the best writeup. I'm not sure if I believe that or if that's just what she wanted me to think.

Your thoughts?


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