Friday, March 10, 2006

A new way to identify my corpse.

After my Mom wakes up from passing out I think I'll tell her, 'At least you have a new way to identify my corpse if something bad happens to me.' That seems like a good plan.

I was waffling back and forth about whether I wanted to do it. I wanted to do it but I felt like I needed someones permission, someone to say 'this isn't a bad idea, it's ok'. I tried to get that from N but she didn't feel good yesterday and was pretty ill.

I finally decided to go and do it. I got in and we started the prep work. We got his drawing to an appropriate size (even though it still came out a bit bigger than I was wanting). He put it into the transfer machine and it came out.

After some more prep work and a cigarette for him we went back to the tattoo room. He shaved and cleaned my leg/ankle. Then he put the transfer on. I wasn't really happy with how he put it on so we tried it again, adjusting the placement and angle just a bit.

At that point, he got his ink and machines ready and there wasn't any turning back. I wouldn't say it hurt. I have definitely been through much more pain in my life. At first, it's a shock and I had to clench my jaw and squeeze the chair handle with all my might. I read where the first minute is the worst and after a period, you kind of become used to the pain and it isn't so bad. Much like you can walk into a kitchen full of baked goods and it smells great but five minutes later, you can't really smell the baked good anymore.

I found that anecdote to be somewhat true. After a while, it didn't hurt so bad, at least when he was on the meatier parts. When he got close to my ankle bone or the back of my calf where the skin isn't so thick, it really hurt quite a bit. After thirty five minutes or so, he was done with the outline.As I said before, it came out a little bigger than I was anticipating but I think it's still can be hidden with a sock when I need to. When he finished the outline, we took a break. I walked next door to the gas station to get a Mt. Dew and he talked with his family and little boy who'd dropped by for a minute

For the shading, he switched from one needle to a needle with seven tips. So I went from being stabbbed ten times a second to seventy. There were some portions that didn't hurt at all and there were portions where he was going for a deep rich color that hurt like a bitch because the needle was going in so deep. Before I knew it, it was all over and I walked out of there one hundred dollars poorer and bloodier. I'm pleased with it. It leaked juice and ink last night and a good deal this morning after I got up and got moving. I've applied triple antibiotic cream several times now and moved onto lotion. I hope it will heal nicely and quickly. It's kind of uncomfortable and still tender right now. I'm racing tomorrow out at the airport in a 5k. We get to run on the tarmac which should be a blast.
Only a couple of years ago, I was a sedentary fatass. Now I'm a competitive runner. Last weekend I ran a half marathon in about an hour and a half. Something I never thought I'd do or even be able to do. Now I have wings. Running wings. Something to remind me of how I changed my life for the better and became a happier and healthier person.


For the Googlebot: runners tattoo wings. runners tattoo. running wings.


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