Thursday, March 02, 2006

Six days wasted in shipping.

Getting N's computer worked on by Apple has been such a hassle this time. I called to get a box dispatched on a Sunday. The box was delivered by DHL to the leasing office on Monday but no one elected to tell me until Thursday. Three days wasted.

I shipped the Powerbook off Thursday and Friday Apple let me know they wouldn't replace the hard drive under AppleCare because the computer was dropped. They wanted four hundred and thirty dollars to work on it. No thank you, that's a third of a new MacBook Pro or the eventual Macbook (aka iBook).

They shipped it back FedEx for some bizarre reason. Tuesday FedEx tries to deliver, no dice, I'm at work. Wednesday, they try again. This morning I put a note on the door to deliver to office. FedEx leaves me a note saying someone at my home address has to sign for it. I call FedEx they won't deliver it to the office until they get a release from Apple. I call Apple after ten minutes of explaining, she calls FedEx. Tomorrow, they are supposed to attempt delivery to me and then to the leasing office.

So far there have been six days wasted in shipping. I would go pick the package but but the pickup office is thirty five miles from here, no way I'm driving thrity five miles to pick up a broken Powerbook.

Once I get the computer back then I get to emark on the task of replacing/upgrading it's hard drive. That's going to be an adventure.


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