Friday, March 17, 2006

A surgical operation

Work was killer again this week. Hence my absence. I got to work about two ten yesterday afternoon and didn't leave until two thirty this morning. As of this morning when I left, I had clocked forty three and a half hours. I have a full shift tomorrow afternoon/evening so it's pretty likely that I'm going to hit the fifty hour mark again this week. I think I'll buy myself something nice and possibly shiny for my efforts.

I picked up my paycheck today and got some payoff for my hard work. My paycheck was nearly a thousand dollars. Only forty five short. I've never gotten a paycheck that big so it was nice to be rewarded for all my efforts.

I don't think I'm racing in the morning. I'm just going to do the long run before the race then volunteer at the start/finish line and try to help out. I'm trying to save my legs for the 10k next weekend. With the 9.4 mile run scheduled for tomorrow, I'll hit forty for this week. Something I haven't done yet this year. I don't want to over do it and get hurt again.

I just finished working on N's Powerbook. I replaced the failing hard drive. It was a surgical operation that was executed with the precision and ease of a professional. Tiger (10.4) is installing now. I'm sure she'll be happy to get it back when I can get it all set up for her. I'm planning a write up about the hard drive removal/install procedure. Hopefully it will come in handy for someone one day. The guide I found online was good but didn't explain everything in the detail I would have liked going into the operation blind. Hopefully I can expand and improve on that guide a little bit.

Until I can get that done, I'm out.


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