Sunday, April 30, 2006

The value in a sixteen year old Dodge

Ok, lets try this again.

A lot has happened in the last ten days. It's been quite a busy time. Hence the reason why I haven't been hanging around with you all as much as I'd like.

Last weekend N and I went to see her Mom. The trip served a dual purpose. It was to be there for Greek Easter as well as be down for her Birthday. It was a great weekend much as I expected it to be. I put in eleven and a half miles on wide open country roads on Saturday morning. I almost ran to Mississippi.

Thursday before we went down, my new iHome that I was so excited about had some serious display issues. I came home from work to find that roughly a third of the lcd displays had quit for some mysterious reason. I had found out in the mean time that there was a revised version of the product. It was my plan to return it anyway to get the Rev B but now I had a reason. I returned it in Mobile and did indeed get the new version which is much improved over the one I had. I will still do a complete review but at this point it's safe to say that I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

The rest of the weekend was filled with good eats as you might expect. The post church Saturday brunch of grits, biscuits and fish was excellent as usual. N's grandmother and uncle make the best grits I have ever had, hands down.

Easter dinner was fantastic as it usually is. The lamb and twice baked potatoes stand out for me.

While we weren't eating or trying to recover from eating too much, we spend some time out of doors on the property. The turkeys were out in full force. There were many signs it was turkey breeding season. Most of the Jakes had broken feathers and battle wounds from battling it out over the females. I was also witness to at least two turkey gangbangs on two separate occasions. It was disturbing. There was also a plethora of turklets running around.

Working overnights starting Sunday after we got home from the weekend was pretty rough. I clocked sixty hours last week which on top of the overnights almost killed me. We didn't leave on time a single morning. Then when it was time to come home and try to get some sleep, I had to deal with phone calls and other matters rather than sleep. I think I functioned on half the amount of sleep that I normally do.

The thing that made it particularly difficult was the fact that the rest of the world was on their normal schedule but I was on an opposite schedule. This didn't bode well for my sleeping.

One night we were doing really well when we had a fire alarm go off. There's nothing like waiting in the parking lot at three in the morning waiting on the fire department to show up. This set us back almost an hour.

When we went away for the weekend, we left the Beagle and N's dogs at work. She washed them on Monday and asked me if I'd come pick them up and take them home for her. I said I would and hopped in the truck to trundle across town.

I think I got my Carma back because as I was passing a group of cars who were slowing to turn, a high school kid didn't look and merged into me, forcing me up over the curb and totalling my truck. Fucker.

What really sucks is that the truck only blue books out at roughly six hundred dollars. The suspension damage alone from hitting the curb is well over a thousand dollars. After it's totalled, the payout will not be near enough to buy another piece of reliable transportation. The value in a sixteen year old Dodge with one hundred eighty thousand miles isn't in it's cash value but in the reliable transportation it provides from point A to B. The value is continuing to drive the truck until I run it into the ground. Now, thanks to a careless high school kid I'm fucked transportation wise. I still have the scooter but it's an auxillary form of transport not my main form.

The thing that really miffs me off is that I just put thirty six dollars in gas into the tank and now the rental they gave me is a gas hog Ford F-150. Sure it's nice to drive since it's a new truck and the girls seem to look at me differently but it's still going to kill me in gas.

More stuff has happened too but that's mostly running related. I think I'll shut this one down now and come back with a more running oriented post shortly.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Forty minutes of wasted effort.

Fuck. I had just completed a major post recapping my week to date when I clicked the 'Preview' button to see how Firefox would render the page. Firefox locked up and I lost it all. Fuck.

I guess I'll try again tomorrow after forty minutes of wasted effort. Do you see what I go through for you people?

Friday, April 21, 2006

Pretending to be Jackasses.

As I leave for my hard earned three day weekend I thought I'd leave you with some more home movies. Enjoy.

We put this together over one Christmas break. We like blowing things up, making asses of ourselves and pretending to be Jackasses.

At one point several years ago N and I were really into Yellowcard. This was before they signed to Capitol Records and sold out hard core. I put this together and gave it to them when we met them at a show. I never heard anything back from them. Ryan, you are a douche.

Here is more footage of us entertaining ourselves by blowing stuff up.

Happy friday people. I may not be around too much next week since I'm working overnights but I'll see you around.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Four days and thirty two hours

I'm going home with N this weekend for Greek Easter. It's a time I look forward to every year. I'll eat far too much this weekend. A side effect of my having a three day weekend and Easter last Sunday was that I was only scheduled four days and thirty two hours this week.

In an attempt to not be financially burdened by a three day weekend I've been staying over trying to work my way up to forty hours. A side effect of that is that ten hour days at the store have been severely cutting into me time. This I picked up my miles in an attempt to prepare for a possible marathon. That took more time out of my day. This week I got caught up watching the Matrix trilogy in completion for the first time. That took up a good bit of time.

Only today with the morning off was I able to catch up on my internet reading, well mostly. Due to a transition in my department, I will be working nights next week. I'm not looking forward to it.

That's where I stand now. I'll status with you again soon.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Child like trantrum.

N kind of pissed me off tonight. This was the result.

I know that it was a pretty child like trantrum. But that's what the girl does to me, especially when she makes it clear that she'd rather spend time with her 'boyfriend' than me.

Tomorrow at work I'll be 130 dollars poorer than expected. Fuck.

It wasn't a paid holiday for me.

It's been a busy/lazy weekend. How's that for a dichotomy!

I was at work until after midnight on Friday. No suprise there. I rose at six to head on out to the race. Unlike last weekend, this weekends conditions were perfect for a trail run. Aside from the fact that it was a bit on the warm side, I had no complaints. Since it was Easter weekend and we also had some fast reps going to Boston for Monday, the turnout at the race was good but not great like it was last weekend. I was confident that I would be able to reach my goal of a top five finish.

I knew I wouldn't win but I was confident that I could battle it out for second, third or fourth. I came in at twenty o three. Good enough to claim third place and a twenty dollar gift certificate. Looking back at some of last summers times, it was a pretty good time but still not where I want to be. It was actually only a second slower than the race I ran out at the airport. It was a tough race and I gave it pretty much all I had. I'm still a bit heavier than I was last year but I'm in better shape so it will be interesting to get back on the road and see how I stand on a road 5k.

I wish I could just shake off those 10 pounds I want to shed. Self control has a lot to do with it, of which it seems I have none right now with all the Easter candy and junk food around.

After the race, I went to work. I was there from two thirty until one forty six am when I clocked out. I hope my boss likes it hot... I had today off. The store is closed three days a year. Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas. It wasn't a paid holiday for me. Fifty billion in revenue and the bullseye can't pay me to take Easter off. Corporate got Friday off, no doubt paid.

They also fired my friend Pablo, one of the members of the cleaning/floor crew that works in the store overnight. He was the nicest one. We'd converse in my limited spanish every evening/morning.

I was pretty tired this morning and spend most of it uncharacteristically sleeping. Beagle and I went on a long walk. We crossed fence lines and no trespassing signs. That's just how we roll.

I watched the Matrix this evening. I'm going to buy Revelations tomorrow and finally watch Revolutions later in the week. I'm done. As Ben wood say, Goodnight internet.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Any song you own or have 'stolen'

I got paid this morning. I'm flush. It feels nice after life as a student. While at work picking up my paycheck, I splurged on a new pillow. Having gotten the craving for an Xbox 360 out of my system (in time all things pass), I decided to spend my birthday money on something I've had my eye on for a while now.

The iHome iH5 is a cool product that has gotten good reviews everywhere I've looked. The beep/screech of the alarm is something that I really despise in the morning. N got a cool alarm clock a few years ago that would wake you to a cd, well, what's better than waking to a cd, waking to any song you own or have 'stolen' on your iPod. The iHome does just that for you. After a few days of testing it out, I'll probably write a review.

If you are really interested, you can check out what iLounge had to say about the iHome here. In a Slate roundup of the best alarm clocks on market, the iHome came in second.

I'm racing again in the morning. It should be fun. No real time goal since it's a trail race but I do hope to finish top five. Reading through one of my running magazines this week I found a race in the Asheville area that I'm going to run. It will give me an opportunity to meet the family in the mountains and to run a new distance, the 15k. It's the Biltmore/Kiwanis 15k Classic.

Here is my tentative late spring racing schedule:
  • April 15 - Forest Ecology Preserve 5k
  • April 29 - Trinity 10k (probable)
  • May 5 - Cary Woods 5k
  • May 6 - Valley 10.5k
  • May 21 - Biltmore 15k Classic
If I can keep from gettin injured and continue to build my base, it is becoming increasingly more likely that I will be attempting a marathon in June.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Having the symmetry

N went and got her tattoo on Tuesday. I wanted to go with her but for various reasons didn't make it.

She's been eyeing this design out of one of her fairy books for many years. She just didn't know where she wanted to get it and hadn't worked up the courage to do it. I guess since I got mine it was kind of permission or at least a push for her getting hers.

The girl that did it did a really great job. It's so good that it kind of makes mine look a bit ameturish now. I dig it.

I'm going sometime next week to get my second ankle done. Then I'll be done. I'm looking forward to being finished and having the symmetry but I'm not looking forward to the pain and healing again.

Sex, drugs and rock and roll

I turned twenty four last Sunday. I ran twelve of the hardest miles of my life. In my running log, I described the route as 'the hill run'.

I have some friends going to Boston this weekend for the marathon on Monday, Patriot's Day. Of the entire twenty six mile course, very little is flat. Most is up or downhill. They figured they needed a little hill work the weekend before in order to better prepare. The last mile I was spent, but it was a great way to spend my birthday.

N spend all her money on sex, drugs and rock and roll last week so she wasn't able to take me out for sushi as she had been promising. Instead I cooked enchilladas. They were great. I've been eating leftovers all week. We watched Narnia. All in all it was a good birthday. I just wish I wasn't a year closer to death because I'm enjoying life right now.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Run in the slop.

I awoke this morning to the pitter patter of raindrops. It was five fifteen. Race time, eight. I wasn't planning on getting up until closer to six thirty but the sound of rain outside my window told me that things weren't going to go as planned.

I got up at the appointed time and turned on the Weather Channel. Sure enough, rain and thunderstorms had moved into the area about five. Even though we were currently in the thick of it, the system seemed to be moving quickly enough and in such a way that the race might go off as planned anyway.

I got out to the forest ecology preserve an hour early as I'd planned. I was supposed to meet a running friend and we were going to run the course once pre-race as a warm up. It was raining when I arrived and only slackened a little up until race time. It wasn't a bad storm from a thunder standpoint but there was lightining in the area so they didn't want to sanction the race in case someone were to get hurt.

About ten after eight, the race was called and rescheduled for next Saturday. They said we could run the course anyway and they would watch time us, but we were on our own from a liability standpoint.

I was fine with that. I was ready and willing to run in the slop. It'd rained at least and inch and a half in the three hours before we started running so as you can imagine, the trail was pretty water logged. Many portions were ankle deep puddles/lakes or gurgling streams.

I broke out with the lead pack and my friend. About a mile in, we dropped my friend and I forged on through the rain and wind with two other runners, about my age.

It was great fun running through the mud, water and rain. Even though I went out a bit fast and I'll have to adjust my strategy for the real race next weekend it was a blast. I got back to the interpretive center having just run my slowest 5k ever, coming in at 21:24, chilled to the bone, but happy as could be.

I'm looking forward to next weekend.

home video kinda Saturday.

It's a home video kinda Saturday. Enjoy.

This is something my brother and I put together after spending Christmas evening on Mt. Hood. It was one of the better times I had on the mountain.

Thanksgiving snow in the mountains. It doesn't get much better than this. You may notice that I was still a fatass at this point in my life.

This is one of my favorite videos that I've ever done. Sister and I had a great time building snowmen for the majority of the day.

Friday, April 07, 2006

My five minute throw together.

It's a lazy friday evening. I'm resting up for the morning. Digg pointed me to It's a pretty fun little way to waste some minutes. Here is my five minute throw together. I'm afraid that I didn't exactly follow Scott Adams explicit directions on being funny but I enjoyed myself. Go make your own comic, then come back here and link me/us to it.

Here is my comic. Sloppy, I know.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

It's all in good fun.

A while ago I mentioned that I had uploaded a good bit of video to Google Video. Some of it is interesting, some of it isn't. Some of it is old, well most of it's a few years old. A lot of it is embarassing, but I think it's come time to post it anyway.

I think I'll post a few of them a day until we get all the way through them. I hope you enjoy. Remember as you are laughing at me that it's all in good fun.

These first two are of my brother. There is a good bit of outdoor activity to take part in near his school. This is a prime example of what he and his friends do when the weather is warm.

This one is my sister's beagle. This was when we lived out in Washington and it was his first experience with snow. He can walk on water.

Tune in again tomorrow for more home movies. They get better.

I'm kind of waiting

I got home last night and immediately crashed. I pulled out of the parking lot at work at one fifty. I was in bed by two oh four. It was a late night.

I was scheduled to be back in this afternoon at two thirty but since I'm a few hours ahead and they don't want to pay any overtime, I have been allowed to cut until five. How sweet of them.

With the majority of the day to myself, I was hoping to do some moving work for my old boss. I called her about nine this morning when I woke up and she said she'd give me a call back when she knew what needed to be done. It's now eleven thirty and I haven't heard anything from her which is a bit of a bummer because I have some things I'd like to do but I'm kind of waiting on her to call me back.

There was a contest a few weeks ago to see who could get the most people to sign up for our instore credit card. The prize was dinner on the store. One of my team members helped me out and we kind of fudged on the contest by putting all his credit apps under my name. That way we could win. Well, for working so hard and doing a good job I told him I'd take him out to lunch. Today was supposed to be the day but again, I'm waiting on my old boss to ring me back.

I'd like to put in some miles today before I go to work. I'm racing a 5k trail race on Saturday so I'd like to give my knees the least pounding that I can. I've been advised to see a running smith as well as stay off the pavement and concrete. The last part is great advice but the only gravel path running I can do it about fifteen minutes away. I'd like to go out to the park and put four or five miles in on the path but again I'm waiting on a phonecall.

I'm excited for the Saturday race for several reasons. I've never run a trail race so it will be a new experience. I also registered early enough so that I made some money on the deal. Registration for club members was thirteen. You get a fifteen dollar coupon to a local retailer for participating, plus a shirt. I'm coming out on top here and it feels good.

I don't think I'll be able to win the race, but a top five finish isn't out of the question. That's what I'm shooting for and to have a good time, which I think is a given. Here are last years results.

If you need me, I'll be waiting for a phone call.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

That was nice.

I got a pleasant suprise this morning. As I was sitting, not doing much of anything besides the mornings internetting, I got a call from a strange Oregon number. I almost didn't answer it, but I did and on the other side of the country, now connected by voice to me was an old high school classmate. One of the handful of high school friends I have run across/talked to in the last six years.

She's been in Maui for the last week and was catching up on news when she read about the outbreak of storms that we had here in the deep south last week. She called just to see that I was ok. That was nice. I'd actually just been thinking about her in the last few weeks as well. We had a nice conversation, she told me how she was going back to school, still working at Starbucks, had bought a house in southeast Portland, and had just gotten married.

That's good for her. Maybe I'll get the chance to see her in the next few years. Afterall, our ten year reunion is only four years away.

I'm off to work shortly after a nice lazy morning. Too bad I'll probably have to work until the wee hours of tomorrow morning. It seems no matter what I do or how hard I work, it's never good enough for my boss. Still, I trudge along.