Friday, April 14, 2006

Any song you own or have 'stolen'

I got paid this morning. I'm flush. It feels nice after life as a student. While at work picking up my paycheck, I splurged on a new pillow. Having gotten the craving for an Xbox 360 out of my system (in time all things pass), I decided to spend my birthday money on something I've had my eye on for a while now.

The iHome iH5 is a cool product that has gotten good reviews everywhere I've looked. The beep/screech of the alarm is something that I really despise in the morning. N got a cool alarm clock a few years ago that would wake you to a cd, well, what's better than waking to a cd, waking to any song you own or have 'stolen' on your iPod. The iHome does just that for you. After a few days of testing it out, I'll probably write a review.

If you are really interested, you can check out what iLounge had to say about the iHome here. In a Slate roundup of the best alarm clocks on market, the iHome came in second.

I'm racing again in the morning. It should be fun. No real time goal since it's a trail race but I do hope to finish top five. Reading through one of my running magazines this week I found a race in the Asheville area that I'm going to run. It will give me an opportunity to meet the family in the mountains and to run a new distance, the 15k. It's the Biltmore/Kiwanis 15k Classic.

Here is my tentative late spring racing schedule:
  • April 15 - Forest Ecology Preserve 5k
  • April 29 - Trinity 10k (probable)
  • May 5 - Cary Woods 5k
  • May 6 - Valley 10.5k
  • May 21 - Biltmore 15k Classic
If I can keep from gettin injured and continue to build my base, it is becoming increasingly more likely that I will be attempting a marathon in June.


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