Thursday, April 20, 2006

Four days and thirty two hours

I'm going home with N this weekend for Greek Easter. It's a time I look forward to every year. I'll eat far too much this weekend. A side effect of my having a three day weekend and Easter last Sunday was that I was only scheduled four days and thirty two hours this week.

In an attempt to not be financially burdened by a three day weekend I've been staying over trying to work my way up to forty hours. A side effect of that is that ten hour days at the store have been severely cutting into me time. This I picked up my miles in an attempt to prepare for a possible marathon. That took more time out of my day. This week I got caught up watching the Matrix trilogy in completion for the first time. That took up a good bit of time.

Only today with the morning off was I able to catch up on my internet reading, well mostly. Due to a transition in my department, I will be working nights next week. I'm not looking forward to it.

That's where I stand now. I'll status with you again soon.


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