Thursday, April 06, 2006

I'm kind of waiting

I got home last night and immediately crashed. I pulled out of the parking lot at work at one fifty. I was in bed by two oh four. It was a late night.

I was scheduled to be back in this afternoon at two thirty but since I'm a few hours ahead and they don't want to pay any overtime, I have been allowed to cut until five. How sweet of them.

With the majority of the day to myself, I was hoping to do some moving work for my old boss. I called her about nine this morning when I woke up and she said she'd give me a call back when she knew what needed to be done. It's now eleven thirty and I haven't heard anything from her which is a bit of a bummer because I have some things I'd like to do but I'm kind of waiting on her to call me back.

There was a contest a few weeks ago to see who could get the most people to sign up for our instore credit card. The prize was dinner on the store. One of my team members helped me out and we kind of fudged on the contest by putting all his credit apps under my name. That way we could win. Well, for working so hard and doing a good job I told him I'd take him out to lunch. Today was supposed to be the day but again, I'm waiting on my old boss to ring me back.

I'd like to put in some miles today before I go to work. I'm racing a 5k trail race on Saturday so I'd like to give my knees the least pounding that I can. I've been advised to see a running smith as well as stay off the pavement and concrete. The last part is great advice but the only gravel path running I can do it about fifteen minutes away. I'd like to go out to the park and put four or five miles in on the path but again I'm waiting on a phonecall.

I'm excited for the Saturday race for several reasons. I've never run a trail race so it will be a new experience. I also registered early enough so that I made some money on the deal. Registration for club members was thirteen. You get a fifteen dollar coupon to a local retailer for participating, plus a shirt. I'm coming out on top here and it feels good.

I don't think I'll be able to win the race, but a top five finish isn't out of the question. That's what I'm shooting for and to have a good time, which I think is a given. Here are last years results.

If you need me, I'll be waiting for a phone call.


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