Sunday, April 16, 2006

It wasn't a paid holiday for me.

It's been a busy/lazy weekend. How's that for a dichotomy!

I was at work until after midnight on Friday. No suprise there. I rose at six to head on out to the race. Unlike last weekend, this weekends conditions were perfect for a trail run. Aside from the fact that it was a bit on the warm side, I had no complaints. Since it was Easter weekend and we also had some fast reps going to Boston for Monday, the turnout at the race was good but not great like it was last weekend. I was confident that I would be able to reach my goal of a top five finish.

I knew I wouldn't win but I was confident that I could battle it out for second, third or fourth. I came in at twenty o three. Good enough to claim third place and a twenty dollar gift certificate. Looking back at some of last summers times, it was a pretty good time but still not where I want to be. It was actually only a second slower than the race I ran out at the airport. It was a tough race and I gave it pretty much all I had. I'm still a bit heavier than I was last year but I'm in better shape so it will be interesting to get back on the road and see how I stand on a road 5k.

I wish I could just shake off those 10 pounds I want to shed. Self control has a lot to do with it, of which it seems I have none right now with all the Easter candy and junk food around.

After the race, I went to work. I was there from two thirty until one forty six am when I clocked out. I hope my boss likes it hot... I had today off. The store is closed three days a year. Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas. It wasn't a paid holiday for me. Fifty billion in revenue and the bullseye can't pay me to take Easter off. Corporate got Friday off, no doubt paid.

They also fired my friend Pablo, one of the members of the cleaning/floor crew that works in the store overnight. He was the nicest one. We'd converse in my limited spanish every evening/morning.

I was pretty tired this morning and spend most of it uncharacteristically sleeping. Beagle and I went on a long walk. We crossed fence lines and no trespassing signs. That's just how we roll.

I watched the Matrix this evening. I'm going to buy Revelations tomorrow and finally watch Revolutions later in the week. I'm done. As Ben wood say, Goodnight internet.


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