Saturday, April 08, 2006

Run in the slop.

I awoke this morning to the pitter patter of raindrops. It was five fifteen. Race time, eight. I wasn't planning on getting up until closer to six thirty but the sound of rain outside my window told me that things weren't going to go as planned.

I got up at the appointed time and turned on the Weather Channel. Sure enough, rain and thunderstorms had moved into the area about five. Even though we were currently in the thick of it, the system seemed to be moving quickly enough and in such a way that the race might go off as planned anyway.

I got out to the forest ecology preserve an hour early as I'd planned. I was supposed to meet a running friend and we were going to run the course once pre-race as a warm up. It was raining when I arrived and only slackened a little up until race time. It wasn't a bad storm from a thunder standpoint but there was lightining in the area so they didn't want to sanction the race in case someone were to get hurt.

About ten after eight, the race was called and rescheduled for next Saturday. They said we could run the course anyway and they would watch time us, but we were on our own from a liability standpoint.

I was fine with that. I was ready and willing to run in the slop. It'd rained at least and inch and a half in the three hours before we started running so as you can imagine, the trail was pretty water logged. Many portions were ankle deep puddles/lakes or gurgling streams.

I broke out with the lead pack and my friend. About a mile in, we dropped my friend and I forged on through the rain and wind with two other runners, about my age.

It was great fun running through the mud, water and rain. Even though I went out a bit fast and I'll have to adjust my strategy for the real race next weekend it was a blast. I got back to the interpretive center having just run my slowest 5k ever, coming in at 21:24, chilled to the bone, but happy as could be.

I'm looking forward to next weekend.


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