Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sex, drugs and rock and roll

I turned twenty four last Sunday. I ran twelve of the hardest miles of my life. In my running log, I described the route as 'the hill run'.

I have some friends going to Boston this weekend for the marathon on Monday, Patriot's Day. Of the entire twenty six mile course, very little is flat. Most is up or downhill. They figured they needed a little hill work the weekend before in order to better prepare. The last mile I was spent, but it was a great way to spend my birthday.

N spend all her money on sex, drugs and rock and roll last week so she wasn't able to take me out for sushi as she had been promising. Instead I cooked enchilladas. They were great. I've been eating leftovers all week. We watched Narnia. All in all it was a good birthday. I just wish I wasn't a year closer to death because I'm enjoying life right now.


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