Wednesday, April 05, 2006

That was nice.

I got a pleasant suprise this morning. As I was sitting, not doing much of anything besides the mornings internetting, I got a call from a strange Oregon number. I almost didn't answer it, but I did and on the other side of the country, now connected by voice to me was an old high school classmate. One of the handful of high school friends I have run across/talked to in the last six years.

She's been in Maui for the last week and was catching up on news when she read about the outbreak of storms that we had here in the deep south last week. She called just to see that I was ok. That was nice. I'd actually just been thinking about her in the last few weeks as well. We had a nice conversation, she told me how she was going back to school, still working at Starbucks, had bought a house in southeast Portland, and had just gotten married.

That's good for her. Maybe I'll get the chance to see her in the next few years. Afterall, our ten year reunion is only four years away.

I'm off to work shortly after a nice lazy morning. Too bad I'll probably have to work until the wee hours of tomorrow morning. It seems no matter what I do or how hard I work, it's never good enough for my boss. Still, I trudge along.


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