Sunday, April 30, 2006

The value in a sixteen year old Dodge

Ok, lets try this again.

A lot has happened in the last ten days. It's been quite a busy time. Hence the reason why I haven't been hanging around with you all as much as I'd like.

Last weekend N and I went to see her Mom. The trip served a dual purpose. It was to be there for Greek Easter as well as be down for her Birthday. It was a great weekend much as I expected it to be. I put in eleven and a half miles on wide open country roads on Saturday morning. I almost ran to Mississippi.

Thursday before we went down, my new iHome that I was so excited about had some serious display issues. I came home from work to find that roughly a third of the lcd displays had quit for some mysterious reason. I had found out in the mean time that there was a revised version of the product. It was my plan to return it anyway to get the Rev B but now I had a reason. I returned it in Mobile and did indeed get the new version which is much improved over the one I had. I will still do a complete review but at this point it's safe to say that I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

The rest of the weekend was filled with good eats as you might expect. The post church Saturday brunch of grits, biscuits and fish was excellent as usual. N's grandmother and uncle make the best grits I have ever had, hands down.

Easter dinner was fantastic as it usually is. The lamb and twice baked potatoes stand out for me.

While we weren't eating or trying to recover from eating too much, we spend some time out of doors on the property. The turkeys were out in full force. There were many signs it was turkey breeding season. Most of the Jakes had broken feathers and battle wounds from battling it out over the females. I was also witness to at least two turkey gangbangs on two separate occasions. It was disturbing. There was also a plethora of turklets running around.

Working overnights starting Sunday after we got home from the weekend was pretty rough. I clocked sixty hours last week which on top of the overnights almost killed me. We didn't leave on time a single morning. Then when it was time to come home and try to get some sleep, I had to deal with phone calls and other matters rather than sleep. I think I functioned on half the amount of sleep that I normally do.

The thing that made it particularly difficult was the fact that the rest of the world was on their normal schedule but I was on an opposite schedule. This didn't bode well for my sleeping.

One night we were doing really well when we had a fire alarm go off. There's nothing like waiting in the parking lot at three in the morning waiting on the fire department to show up. This set us back almost an hour.

When we went away for the weekend, we left the Beagle and N's dogs at work. She washed them on Monday and asked me if I'd come pick them up and take them home for her. I said I would and hopped in the truck to trundle across town.

I think I got my Carma back because as I was passing a group of cars who were slowing to turn, a high school kid didn't look and merged into me, forcing me up over the curb and totalling my truck. Fucker.

What really sucks is that the truck only blue books out at roughly six hundred dollars. The suspension damage alone from hitting the curb is well over a thousand dollars. After it's totalled, the payout will not be near enough to buy another piece of reliable transportation. The value in a sixteen year old Dodge with one hundred eighty thousand miles isn't in it's cash value but in the reliable transportation it provides from point A to B. The value is continuing to drive the truck until I run it into the ground. Now, thanks to a careless high school kid I'm fucked transportation wise. I still have the scooter but it's an auxillary form of transport not my main form.

The thing that really miffs me off is that I just put thirty six dollars in gas into the tank and now the rental they gave me is a gas hog Ford F-150. Sure it's nice to drive since it's a new truck and the girls seem to look at me differently but it's still going to kill me in gas.

More stuff has happened too but that's mostly running related. I think I'll shut this one down now and come back with a more running oriented post shortly.


Blogger schmims said...

Sorry about your wheels. That sucks. I've been keeping my fingers crossed that doesn't happen to my car. I can't afford a car payment right now.

5:14 AM  

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