Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Take a poop in his yard.

I love my Dad but he is a pretty uptight, straight laced kind of character. I liken him to Pat Robertson a lot of the time. He's that conservative.

Last night we were trying to make plans on how I can get to the mountain house this weekend to race. We were commiserating on how that kids decision to change lanes without looking has royally fucked us and caused a lot of stress in many many ways.

This is a direct quote - 'I'm so upset at this that I wish I could go over to that boys house and take a poop in his yard.'

I never thought I'd hear my Dad say anything like that. All I could do was chuckle and agree. My sentiments exactly except I'd be more likely to poop in the kids yard and then take a bag full of Beagle poo, light it and toss it at the door.

That's why I'm a little more liberal than my Dad.


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