Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An email and a summary of events:

An email and a summary of events:
Busy day. Today was the last day of work. I'm running around the house now getting things ready for the movers tomorrow morning. I have my final Summer Series 5K tonight. The Frog is going down again. It will be seven or eight in a row after tonight.

Tomorrow is movers, then clean the apartment then Friday I'm off to Charlotte. Saturday is rest day then Sunday I head to the Smokies for Brush Busters.

Busy time.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I got an invite in.

I had what I considered a date this evening. A running friend with home I've grown close in recent weeks told me she wanted to take me out to dinner. She's hot and basically great so I quickly agreed that it would be a fantastic idea.

Somehow The Frog got wind of the dinner date. I'm not sure if she told him and invited him or rather just mentioned it and he said he'd come along. At any rate we went to a small local place with fantastic turkey wraps.

I picked her up and we drove across town. We got to dinner first and had a few minutes to chat while we waited on The Frog and a new running friend, Cublove. Dinner was fun, conversation was light, food was good and there were plenty of laughs throughout.

We left and headed back across town. I took the long way. We got back to her house and I got out of the car to walk her to the door. I got an invite in. We went in and sat down and chatted for a while. Then I needed to leave because I have to be at work in five hours.

I got a great hug on the way out. She has so many guy friends that I'm pretty sure that's just what it was. Dinner with a friend who is moving out of town. But I would have loved it if it were more.

I'd of tried to kiss her but it didn't seem right and I'm no good at moves like that. I left with a good hug and the promise of running with her again, at least once.

Sweet hotness.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Over and over and over.

Crunch time.

My student loans came due on June 19th. I didn't make the payment. But before you tell me how bad that was, just listen. Yesterday I started the consolidation process and today I got a forebareance postponing my payments. Yes interest is accruing every day but at least I have a bit more time to get my stuff together. Seventeen thousand in the hole already, damn school is expensive.

Schmims said it was going to be bad and except for some fleeting moments of brilliance, it was. The US team floundered like Lindsey Jacobellis off that last jump. It was still fun to watch them while it lasted and to say Gooch over and over and over. He's a Clemson grad you know.

Tonight starts the weekend of going away parties for me. There is a combo going away/birthday party with a bunch of folks from work tonight, then tomorrow The Orater has offered up his brothers timeshare lakehouse for a Saturday get away with all the running folks. I have to meet them at six thrity tomorrow so I won't be partying so hard tonight at my own going away party. A shame because the last one was so good that I missed work the next day.

The countdown is in full effect. Wednesday is the last day at the big box, with the last summer 5K that evening. Thrusday morning, the movers are coming to move me and pack up all my stuffs. Friday, it's checkout day of the apartment and head to North Carolina where I will have a day to prepare for the big trip on the Appalachain Trail. Brush Busters is only a week and a half away. I need to get prepared.

The total is now up to seven. I've beaten The Frog seven times in a row now. He's going to be gunning for me next Wednesday but I will stave off all his advances. I've gotten The Orator twice now and I fully intend to extend it to a threepeat but he will put up more of a threat than The Frog.

I've been running fast but not PR fast. Two weeks ago, I went 18:32. This week I improved slightly to 18:30. Last summer's PR is 18:16. I would break that if I could make it over to the same course but I didn't make that race due to my trip to see J2.

Life is full of sacrifices.

Monday, June 19, 2006

We disposed of the remaining evidence in the river

When J2 and I get together you can pretty well bet that we are going to have a good time. Whether it's drinking to excess, hurtling ourselves off twenty foot limestone bluffs, getting his Mazda 3 up to one hundred and ten miles an hour or just driving his sister nuts, we are going to make a good time.

This weekend was no exception. I was off Friday and got my schedule rearranged for Monday allowing me to leave town early Friday and stay until early this morning. Friday I needed to be here before eleven so taht we could watch the motherland in the World Cup. The Dutch didn't dissappoint.

We sipped on the sweet necter of life known simply as Carolina Blonde for most of the day. We went off for a ride and drove out into the county. Barreling down a narrow country road J2 got his three upto one hundred and ten. The rest of the way, he didn't drop below eighty, even on some curves which he probably should have. We burned and eighth of a tank of gas way too quickly.

Saturday afternoon we found a sign in town that we decided deserved to be ours. Going back during the cover of darkness, we were able to efficently extricate it from it's prison of a street pole. We disposed of the remaining evidence in the river yesterday afternoon.

When we went to the river to jump off the bluffs, I also took along a driver and a few golf balls. We had a driving match to see who could hit it across the river. I didn't succeed coming up five yards short. J2 was much more successful than me.

We hid the Producers cigarrettes from her this weekend and she went nuts. Last night after realizing that we had put her Camels into her Parliment box, she came into the living room, turned off the TV, turned to us and called us 'shitbags' for the fifteenth time of the weekend.

Ah, good times.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Approximately three and one half years.

Much like the Olympics, I look forward to the World Cup for approximately three and one half years. The wait is over and today was spent on the couch watching all three matches. The earliest experience that I can recall with the world cup is back in 1994 when it was here. I clearly remember being in Cincinnati and watching team USA beat Columbia. What a great game. I've been a fan since. It also helps that I have played the world's game since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

I remember lazy summer mornings and watching matches with J2. I think we watched most of the 1998 world cup together that summer.

When time came around for World Cup 2002, I'd just started dating N. I remember not getting to watch as much of the tournament as I'd of liked to but I did see the semi final and title games. I remember getting up at five in the morning to watch Brazil beat Germany.

The tournament starts for us tomorrow and we have drawn a tough Czech team. I think we are good enough to win but that remains to be seen. I've got to work tomorrow, but as soon as I get home I'll be turning on the Tivo to watch it in replay. I just hope I can avoid the news of how it turns out until I can get home to watch it for myself.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Until Sunday.

I got my hands on a DS lite today. We have them locked up in my stockroom waiting to be checked into inventory on the morning of the eleventh. It seems as though some stores jumped the gun and broke street date on them but I won't be. So, don't come to my store looking for one until Sunday. I stole a few moments this morning to take on out and take a look at it.

It's much smaller and sleeker than the original DS. As far as I'm concerned it's a huge improvement over the older version. The game library is getting built up now with some interesting titles such as Super Mario Brothers and a few others. I might talk myself into getting one one day. As for now though I'm satisfied just playing with it for a few minutes.

Monday, June 05, 2006

The first hits free.

Rarely do you come home to find good news in the mail. Mostly it's just bills.

At work they know I'm leaving. The day that I actually leave is bearing down on me. I'm starting to enter coast mode. I'm not quite there but I can feel it getting close. It's like senioritis but it's my job.

I've gotten raises in my life. Most of them have been fairly meaningless. In fact I'd dare say that the effect on my paycheck has been fairly negligable. A quarter raise at a minimum wage summer job doesn't exactly push me into millionaire territory.

I got an email Friday from my logistics job saying to be on the lookout for an imporant letter with information and an application for a corporate credit card. I figured it would come today. As I rolled in from work, I checked the mailbox and sure enough I recognized the seven pointed star right off.

Opening up the letter I read that upon further review of the compensation package, my new salary had been bumped three thousand dollars or roughly eight percent. Now, that's a raise. And I didn't have to do a thing. I didn't earn it, I didn't have to sit through a performance review and plead for a raise, I didn't have to politick to get it. Just one and done. Not too bad.

As all good drug dealers will tell you, the first hits free. You have to pay for the next after you get a taste of what you like.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The creepy crawlies moving about.

Today was a great day in many ways, but like most other days, it had it's heartbreaking moments too.

I had to be at work at five which wasn't any fun, but I was out of there by ten thirty so it was really only a half day. I like half days even when they start at five. I came home and grilled out by myself. I made killer hamburgers. Too bad I didn't have anyone to enjoy them with.

After grilling, I laid down on the couch and watched a bit of tv. When I started to doze off, I headed for the pool. Why sleep on the couch when I could sleep at the pool.

When I got to the pool there were plenty of bikinis but all the lay down chairs were taken. I settled for a standard chair and waited until someone left. It was about thirty minutes until I got a lay down chair. I enjoyed hanging out at the pool. The views were nice and the water wasn't too cool. I'm now slightly burnt. But it's the nice kind of crispy. Just enough to know I got some sun but not too painful.

After a few hours lounging around the house Beagle and I decided to take a hike. There is a powerline that leads roughly north from my apartment complex. There is a nice hill that Beagle and I walk up every now and then. I'd never walked too far down the powerline and decided today was the day.

We loaded up and headed out. The walk was nice. We followed the powerline north for a mile and a half to two miles until it ran into the US highway north of the city. Then we turned around and headed home. All in all it was not much more than an hours hike. It was good to get out with nature and be in the woods some. I jumped two deer and had some other animals rustle off from the sides of the powerline.

Often, I hear packs of coyotes early in the morning and as I walked the powerline their tracks were everywhere. There weren't any human tracks since last rain but plenty signs of deer and coyotes. I came across several clumps of hair that probably used to be hares. There was also a good deal of scat.

When we got home I knew we would probably have tick issues. Last time we walked out there, several months ago, I got one tick of the Beagles snout. On the way back, I found one on her back leg. When we got in, we immediately hit the showers. After washing Beagle and myself, I got out and found a tick burrowing into my shin. I pulled him out and then squished him with the end of a toothbrush.

That's the first time I think I've gotten a tick that has burrowed into me. I checked Beagle throughly and found five or six more on her. Then I found one on my bed, then one on my hamper. I decided it was time to wash the clothes I wore out. I found another on my jeans just before I threw them in the wash.

Now all night, even though I've mirror checked my body several times, I can still feel the creepy crawlies moving about. I know I don't have any more on me but it sure feels like I do.

If you don't mind I have to go check myself and the Beagle once more and then the bed a final time before I get lost between sheets and dreams.

Night night, don't let the bedbugs bite.

Update: I was clean but after giving the Beagle a through inspection I did find one more stoaway. He looked pretty lifeless which may be due to the huge amount of Frontline that I sprayed her with. At any rate, with one quick pull of the Leatherman, he was toast. The head came out too!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Sold tag and my name on it.

Well, I was off by a few hours. I didn't actually sign the papers until more like fourteen hours after my last post. Close enough though right?

It really messed things up the day that kid hit me in the truck. Without a vehicle finding one became a top priority. Dad suggested I look around for another truck. I asked around to most of the people I know. Did they have a vehicle they were looking to get rid of or did they know someone. My search turned up nothing.

I check the classifieds but not knowing really what I was looking for or how much I could spend, I didn't find them very helpful. We kind of reached a dead end.

I didn't really want to purchase a car because I'll be moving out of the country in two years for two years. I don't want a vehicle to just sit for two years while I'm away, much less a vehicle that I'm paying a note on.

The next idea was trying to find an affordable two year lease. The duration would be just about right. I'd get a new vehicle so having to sink a bunch of money into it to keep it running wouldn't be a problem.

I've wanted a Jetta for a long time. I don't know what it is about them but I just like them. When the new body style came out, I wasn't too crazy about it but after riding in N's brother's new Passat, I was sold on a VW.

I looked around and found this lease special. After I got some initial approval from my Dad, I started looking into it more and doing some research. I researched the car. I read reviews. I read a ten part article on car salesmen and their tricks. I researched what makes a good lease. I emailed and emailed and emailed. I got insurance quotes.

I solicited quotes from two dealers in the area. I emailed more. I checked inventories. When it looked like this was a good deal and a car was available I had to sell my Dad on the idea. I did.

I emailed some more. Then the phone calls started. I called my folks, I called the dealer. Rinsed and repeated. Multiple times.

I put in a credit application. N took me to Montgomery. I test drove the car with a Sold tag and my name on it.

N and I got put in the glass cubed office to marinate while the numbers and credit were run. We marinated some more. Then he came back. I didn't qualify for the lease deal (as I suspected I wouldn't). Mom's credit as a cosigner didn't help me much either although I did qualify on my own.

We ran the numbers a few more times. Adjusting this, clarifying that.

The final talley was more than I was hoping for but still within reason. I plunked the 2300 in cash that Dad had wired me down. I signed the papers and I was ready to drive my first new car ever home.

I like my Jetta but it needs a name. I can't think of anything that rhymes with Jetta except for Gretta and that names taken.