Sunday, June 04, 2006

The creepy crawlies moving about.

Today was a great day in many ways, but like most other days, it had it's heartbreaking moments too.

I had to be at work at five which wasn't any fun, but I was out of there by ten thirty so it was really only a half day. I like half days even when they start at five. I came home and grilled out by myself. I made killer hamburgers. Too bad I didn't have anyone to enjoy them with.

After grilling, I laid down on the couch and watched a bit of tv. When I started to doze off, I headed for the pool. Why sleep on the couch when I could sleep at the pool.

When I got to the pool there were plenty of bikinis but all the lay down chairs were taken. I settled for a standard chair and waited until someone left. It was about thirty minutes until I got a lay down chair. I enjoyed hanging out at the pool. The views were nice and the water wasn't too cool. I'm now slightly burnt. But it's the nice kind of crispy. Just enough to know I got some sun but not too painful.

After a few hours lounging around the house Beagle and I decided to take a hike. There is a powerline that leads roughly north from my apartment complex. There is a nice hill that Beagle and I walk up every now and then. I'd never walked too far down the powerline and decided today was the day.

We loaded up and headed out. The walk was nice. We followed the powerline north for a mile and a half to two miles until it ran into the US highway north of the city. Then we turned around and headed home. All in all it was not much more than an hours hike. It was good to get out with nature and be in the woods some. I jumped two deer and had some other animals rustle off from the sides of the powerline.

Often, I hear packs of coyotes early in the morning and as I walked the powerline their tracks were everywhere. There weren't any human tracks since last rain but plenty signs of deer and coyotes. I came across several clumps of hair that probably used to be hares. There was also a good deal of scat.

When we got home I knew we would probably have tick issues. Last time we walked out there, several months ago, I got one tick of the Beagles snout. On the way back, I found one on her back leg. When we got in, we immediately hit the showers. After washing Beagle and myself, I got out and found a tick burrowing into my shin. I pulled him out and then squished him with the end of a toothbrush.

That's the first time I think I've gotten a tick that has burrowed into me. I checked Beagle throughly and found five or six more on her. Then I found one on my bed, then one on my hamper. I decided it was time to wash the clothes I wore out. I found another on my jeans just before I threw them in the wash.

Now all night, even though I've mirror checked my body several times, I can still feel the creepy crawlies moving about. I know I don't have any more on me but it sure feels like I do.

If you don't mind I have to go check myself and the Beagle once more and then the bed a final time before I get lost between sheets and dreams.

Night night, don't let the bedbugs bite.

Update: I was clean but after giving the Beagle a through inspection I did find one more stoaway. He looked pretty lifeless which may be due to the huge amount of Frontline that I sprayed her with. At any rate, with one quick pull of the Leatherman, he was toast. The head came out too!


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