Monday, June 05, 2006

The first hits free.

Rarely do you come home to find good news in the mail. Mostly it's just bills.

At work they know I'm leaving. The day that I actually leave is bearing down on me. I'm starting to enter coast mode. I'm not quite there but I can feel it getting close. It's like senioritis but it's my job.

I've gotten raises in my life. Most of them have been fairly meaningless. In fact I'd dare say that the effect on my paycheck has been fairly negligable. A quarter raise at a minimum wage summer job doesn't exactly push me into millionaire territory.

I got an email Friday from my logistics job saying to be on the lookout for an imporant letter with information and an application for a corporate credit card. I figured it would come today. As I rolled in from work, I checked the mailbox and sure enough I recognized the seven pointed star right off.

Opening up the letter I read that upon further review of the compensation package, my new salary had been bumped three thousand dollars or roughly eight percent. Now, that's a raise. And I didn't have to do a thing. I didn't earn it, I didn't have to sit through a performance review and plead for a raise, I didn't have to politick to get it. Just one and done. Not too bad.

As all good drug dealers will tell you, the first hits free. You have to pay for the next after you get a taste of what you like.


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