Friday, June 23, 2006

Over and over and over.

Crunch time.

My student loans came due on June 19th. I didn't make the payment. But before you tell me how bad that was, just listen. Yesterday I started the consolidation process and today I got a forebareance postponing my payments. Yes interest is accruing every day but at least I have a bit more time to get my stuff together. Seventeen thousand in the hole already, damn school is expensive.

Schmims said it was going to be bad and except for some fleeting moments of brilliance, it was. The US team floundered like Lindsey Jacobellis off that last jump. It was still fun to watch them while it lasted and to say Gooch over and over and over. He's a Clemson grad you know.

Tonight starts the weekend of going away parties for me. There is a combo going away/birthday party with a bunch of folks from work tonight, then tomorrow The Orater has offered up his brothers timeshare lakehouse for a Saturday get away with all the running folks. I have to meet them at six thrity tomorrow so I won't be partying so hard tonight at my own going away party. A shame because the last one was so good that I missed work the next day.

The countdown is in full effect. Wednesday is the last day at the big box, with the last summer 5K that evening. Thrusday morning, the movers are coming to move me and pack up all my stuffs. Friday, it's checkout day of the apartment and head to North Carolina where I will have a day to prepare for the big trip on the Appalachain Trail. Brush Busters is only a week and a half away. I need to get prepared.

The total is now up to seven. I've beaten The Frog seven times in a row now. He's going to be gunning for me next Wednesday but I will stave off all his advances. I've gotten The Orator twice now and I fully intend to extend it to a threepeat but he will put up more of a threat than The Frog.

I've been running fast but not PR fast. Two weeks ago, I went 18:32. This week I improved slightly to 18:30. Last summer's PR is 18:16. I would break that if I could make it over to the same course but I didn't make that race due to my trip to see J2.

Life is full of sacrifices.


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