Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Sold tag and my name on it.

Well, I was off by a few hours. I didn't actually sign the papers until more like fourteen hours after my last post. Close enough though right?

It really messed things up the day that kid hit me in the truck. Without a vehicle finding one became a top priority. Dad suggested I look around for another truck. I asked around to most of the people I know. Did they have a vehicle they were looking to get rid of or did they know someone. My search turned up nothing.

I check the classifieds but not knowing really what I was looking for or how much I could spend, I didn't find them very helpful. We kind of reached a dead end.

I didn't really want to purchase a car because I'll be moving out of the country in two years for two years. I don't want a vehicle to just sit for two years while I'm away, much less a vehicle that I'm paying a note on.

The next idea was trying to find an affordable two year lease. The duration would be just about right. I'd get a new vehicle so having to sink a bunch of money into it to keep it running wouldn't be a problem.

I've wanted a Jetta for a long time. I don't know what it is about them but I just like them. When the new body style came out, I wasn't too crazy about it but after riding in N's brother's new Passat, I was sold on a VW.

I looked around and found this lease special. After I got some initial approval from my Dad, I started looking into it more and doing some research. I researched the car. I read reviews. I read a ten part article on car salesmen and their tricks. I researched what makes a good lease. I emailed and emailed and emailed. I got insurance quotes.

I solicited quotes from two dealers in the area. I emailed more. I checked inventories. When it looked like this was a good deal and a car was available I had to sell my Dad on the idea. I did.

I emailed some more. Then the phone calls started. I called my folks, I called the dealer. Rinsed and repeated. Multiple times.

I put in a credit application. N took me to Montgomery. I test drove the car with a Sold tag and my name on it.

N and I got put in the glass cubed office to marinate while the numbers and credit were run. We marinated some more. Then he came back. I didn't qualify for the lease deal (as I suspected I wouldn't). Mom's credit as a cosigner didn't help me much either although I did qualify on my own.

We ran the numbers a few more times. Adjusting this, clarifying that.

The final talley was more than I was hoping for but still within reason. I plunked the 2300 in cash that Dad had wired me down. I signed the papers and I was ready to drive my first new car ever home.

I like my Jetta but it needs a name. I can't think of anything that rhymes with Jetta except for Gretta and that names taken.


Blogger schmims said...

Name it something German. Oh and can you show me how to do the "downward Dog" position?

6:34 AM  
Blogger Marit said...

Before I got Gretta, I had a Golf named Heinrich. I called him "Hiney."

Go German.

3:28 PM  

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