Monday, June 19, 2006

We disposed of the remaining evidence in the river

When J2 and I get together you can pretty well bet that we are going to have a good time. Whether it's drinking to excess, hurtling ourselves off twenty foot limestone bluffs, getting his Mazda 3 up to one hundred and ten miles an hour or just driving his sister nuts, we are going to make a good time.

This weekend was no exception. I was off Friday and got my schedule rearranged for Monday allowing me to leave town early Friday and stay until early this morning. Friday I needed to be here before eleven so taht we could watch the motherland in the World Cup. The Dutch didn't dissappoint.

We sipped on the sweet necter of life known simply as Carolina Blonde for most of the day. We went off for a ride and drove out into the county. Barreling down a narrow country road J2 got his three upto one hundred and ten. The rest of the way, he didn't drop below eighty, even on some curves which he probably should have. We burned and eighth of a tank of gas way too quickly.

Saturday afternoon we found a sign in town that we decided deserved to be ours. Going back during the cover of darkness, we were able to efficently extricate it from it's prison of a street pole. We disposed of the remaining evidence in the river yesterday afternoon.

When we went to the river to jump off the bluffs, I also took along a driver and a few golf balls. We had a driving match to see who could hit it across the river. I didn't succeed coming up five yards short. J2 was much more successful than me.

We hid the Producers cigarrettes from her this weekend and she went nuts. Last night after realizing that we had put her Camels into her Parliment box, she came into the living room, turned off the TV, turned to us and called us 'shitbags' for the fifteenth time of the weekend.

Ah, good times.


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