Saturday, July 01, 2006

Maybe I'm chickenshit

I finally got out of the apartment and out of town. It was a laborious task. My roommate was a procrasitinator so the task of cleaning the apartment fell to me, mostly. He did help out on move out morning but I did a lot to get us to the point we were at.

Running friend came over to help me clean the carpets Thursday night. She is so hot, it's incredible. I think we could work well together, we seem to have lots in common. I just have to convince her of that. I wanted to kiss her but the moment just didn't seem right.

We met up early Friday morning to run. I got a good 'goodbye' hug before we started and got all sweaty. Still it didn't feel right. After the run, I went to Kroger to get her some flowers to say goodbye with and thanks for helping me the previous night. She seemed suprised and said she loved flowers and no one ever sends them but her sister. Another hug. Maybe I'm chickenshit, we've had this discussion before, but it still just didn't seem right.

Maybe/probably she just sees me as a friend. Maybe/probably I'm falling into that trap by not being aggressive and making a move. Maybe/probably I should have gone for it anyway even if it 'didn't feel right' because there wasn't anything to lose.

Point is, I didn't and now I've moved from town. The good news is that she might be in New York later this month when I'm in Jersey. If she is there will be a meetup and maybe I'll try it then. Of course I'll still be a weenie and more than likely it still won't 'feel right'.


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