Wednesday, September 06, 2006

At least I did my job and it won't be mine.

Today was a strange day at work. I work in dispatch. I dispatch containers to truckers. They pick the export loads of containers at one of four rail yards that I am in charge of and dray them to the proper terminal. One would think this is a pretty simple task. I'll break it down in a few easy steps:
1. Containers arrive at rail yard.
2. I dispatch containers to truckers telling them when they have to be at the terminal (port).
3. Truckers pick up containers, drive them to the correct terminal.
4. Containers load vessel for export, everyone is happy. We pat ourselves on the back.
It's amazing how many things go wron between steps one and four. Sometimes I'm to blame, most of the time I'm not.

Today, the person who dispatches the containers to the owner-operator trukers (she hands out the pieces of paper I EDI to her) was out of the office due to vacation. She deserved a day off.

In her absence, nothing got done. No one took care of her stuff. I did my work. My end was done, I made many efforts in writing to get containers moving. Not much happened. My boss was pretty upset.

Tomorrow this particular trucker who is a daughter company of ours isn't getting any export loads from me. They are all going to third party truckers. All their service failures (some were for Strategic, top level customers) are going on the service failure spreadsheet.

It's possible that heads will roll. At least I did my job and it won't be mine.


That's a lot of technical shipping jargon, let me know if you want any clarification on terms or concepts.


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